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Froggy the Great

Randomness VIII: The Great Green Arkleseizure

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Hey, I just had a terrifying thought. If xenomorphs take on the characteristics of the host, and if a facehugger implanted a mogwai, would the offspring multiply when exposed to water?

There's only one way to find out!

Roadtrip to Chinatown!


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Also we are now unpinned.

We only pin it so it doesn't get lost while we wait to unlock it for general use. That it was pinned overnight was an oversight due to the late hour.

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I'm not sure what's up with school bus stops elsewhere, but here they've apparently cut back. My daughter's bus has something like 10+ kids getting on at each stop & she has to walk a couple of blocks to get to it. The logic is that with fewer stops it saves on brake pad replacements?? Seems like a stretch to me.


@Xherman, don't know if your son would take the suggestion to see a health professional, but mental health problems seem to be somewhat inheritable so it would likely be to his benefit. Sounds like his ex is reasonable enough to let you see your granddaughter from time to time, why not ask if you can send her little letters or have an occasional phone call? Lets you keep in touch without it being a big time burden to arrange. (Even small children love getting letters, it makes them feel important.)


I'm hopeful that today I might have the energy to get the paint box out of the cupboard. We shall see...

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ON THIS DAY in 1559 Queen Elizabeth 1 of England was crowned. At least that is what BING tells me. LOL.Hurrah! 

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There's a bus stop near me that lets on at least 30 to 40 20 children at a time, then they stop and pick up around the same amount a block or two up the road and there were already children on it to begin with. I refer to it as the clown bus.

You never want to get caught by the clown bus.


They float, Georgie.

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