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Randomness VIII: The Great Green Arkleseizure

Froggy the Great

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C'mon people (and assorted other beings), get to randoming! You don't want to be responsible for me having to do work to entertain myself here do you?!

Same here!! Post, smurf it!!!! Entertain me!!




Us, entertain us...

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I'm currently trying to decide if my dragon-like hoarding tendencies will let me foist a fair bit of the smaller Bones from KS1 and 2 off on a friend's son. He's recently taken up miniature painting and could use practice material. Realistically I will never get all of these painted and some of them I don't care about anyway as they aren't something I would paint.


I've already given him enough figures for a Frostgrave warband, though I did repurchase some of those as they were sculpts I like.

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53F here right now. Time for a walk.


Good plan.


I'd be out for a walk right now, if it weren't pouring rain outside. :down:



Mixed rain and snow all weekend for us, but today the sky is blue with nary a trace of cloud. About 5° cooler would have made the walk nicer, though.

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