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I am not brave, talented or experienced enough to put that range of tones into one fabric, but your red is something to inspire to and try to emulate - WOW


Plus your black looks like BLACK - not gray or blue or purple - just deep rich black


Bookmarking this so i can look back and try to do this - THANKS!

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Please stop.

Every time I see a mini painted as awesome as this I get an urge to buy that mini and attempt to paint it as well as the one I saw...

Do you have any idea the damage you're doing to my wallet?

(Never mind the fact that I'm barely a beginner in the hobby... )

Or the number of minis piling up in my home?


The least you could do is to list the paints used, so that I don't have to guess and order the wrong ones...




In other words; awesome paint job, I'm jealous as heck of your skill, please give us some details about how you did it.

And yeah, I'm at the DSM page right now. Hope they accept PayPal...

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