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Thanks everyone for the comments.

This is a fun one !

I also have to say that I was greatly influenced by Malefactus on this miniature.

I got into making him as full of whimsy and laughter as I could.

I even put his eyes in, and tried to make him laugh and twinkle (alla Malefactus style).

I, of course, had to toss in the Orange (Ginger) for robinh !

This was such a lot of fun. 

I am looking forward to whatever other comments folks submit.

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He looks great, and the beard highlights makes me think of the way Pingo paints, which is not a bad thing :-)

Mange Tusen Takk Citrine !

The Norwegian course is really paying off, even though very exhausting.

I should be finished by 15 Feb...mind blowing.

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A grand beard very fitting for a dwarf warrior! Oh, and great skill in execution as well..

Thank you for that wonderful compliment.

I think great sculpts make you improve as a painter.

There is so much you want to do with them, that you push yourself to experiment

and achieve.  Thanks again.

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