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Forest Shamblers (Kings of War) (Pic Heavy)

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Nice work! Not sure how exactly the rules for KoW work, but based on what you said, it seems like you don't have to remove miniatures from the base as the unit takes damage. That gives you a lot of base to play with, and you definitely put it to good use!

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You don't need us to tell you his awesome these are-- you already know!!


Simply fabulous. You perfectly captured the essence of the unnatural perverting the natural. I'm envious!

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These look so much better than the official pictures!


Are these metal miniatures?


Yes, those are metal miniature. So the whole piece is quite heavy.


Thank you for the positive feedback everyone. You motivated me in trying to do the whole army in a similar style (with each unit as a mini diorama).

I have a few ideas... but limited time to apply those...

So we'll see...


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