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MenhirGames: 28mm Champions Set 3


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Well!! today we officially announce the upcoming launch of the Champions from arround the ancient world: SET 3 Kickstarter campaign!




The campaign will be launched febraury 8 (monday), and this time we are adding some special for you to use with the minis!


As novelty-and since this is the last campaign for 28mm characters from Menhir Games- we communicated with 2 companies that created, each of them, rulesets that fit perfectly with the so particular miniatures: rules for skirmishes of about 4 to 12 miniatures (average) per side, having both rulesets a RPG “touch†making it possible to make very customized profiles to each Champion.


By pledging certain level, you as backers will get a "coupon" to use to get the PDF rules, the Printed rules or both of them at an important discount when visiting the editors page webstore.




From Metal Express we have Bladestorm:


“Bladestorm is ICE’s classic fantasy “skirmish-style†miniatures game. Each figure represents one person or creature. Simple and fast-pace, it’s a raw, hard-edged game with an emphasis on action and color. Bladestorm is designed to stand alone; you never need a referee. Use the Bladestorm rules to fight miniatures battles set in virtually any fantasy world.â€






From Spiral Bridge Studio ( http://www.spiralbridgestudios.com )


“Rack & Ruin is a campaign-based skirmish game designed for 25mm-35mm fantasy miniatures. Players design the 4-5 miniatures they want to use as characters and add more as monsters or apprentices that follow their heroes.

This book contains all the rules for building your party of Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Orc, Goblin, Risen and Beastman characters. Choose your party’s goal from the 6 provided and then customize your characters with 18 different skills, over 130 traits, and over 70 items."






Important! you can already get the free downloadable version of the quick start rules to give them a try! You can found them on www.WargameVault.com


Pictures of the models that will be funded:
















We printed the giant to give a better idea of his... impact?



Salutes and stay tunned!!

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Another champion model to unlock in the campaign is finished:



Yes! it is a Faun (not satir) with a greek-macedonian style armour, a Kopis sword and a detailed Hoplon (shield); the chain mail helps to modernize the armour and bring it to medieval era, same as the Akkiri Elves who have Assirian style armours, with chainmail, which did not existed in ancient mesopotamia.





Hi! here is the prelaunch link,you cancheck the campaign outline :)










WEll! people, the campaign has launched!!, and will run for 25 days, lets get those champions made! :D





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It is!, and almost 60% in the first date :)

Hello! In the first day of the campaign we reached 65%! :)


As you know in this campaign we recommended two rulesets to use with the miniatures.

One of them is Bladestorm, from MetalExpress, their ruleset is for combats between small parties composed by characters, soldiers and creatures, which suits perfect (as Rack & Ruin does) with the Champions from Around the world, where you can find peculiar characters, and mythologycal inspired creatures.

That is why together Bladestorm we developed pre-made combatant cards with stats and images of each of the already done Champions, and you can download them all (PDF printable version) here to use in your Bladestorm skirmishes!



New model added to the main goal! :)





Important update regarding the KS campaign! MORE CHAMPIONS ADDEd to the main goal/unlocked:


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I received my order yesterday. I ended up getting the Shong Human Champion, the Sarmatian Elf Ranger and the Sileno Faun. They all look great, but the faun is a stand out for me. His face looks amazing, with big, characterful ears sticking out to the sides. And his shield looks awesome, I'm picturing it as the face of a bovid god, worshiped by minotaurs, fauns and satyrs.

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