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PSA: Don't email your credit card information


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I have had to email someone my CC info once, many years ago.

I sent the information in two different emails, and without using the words 'CC' 'VISA' 'expiry' or 'CvC' anywhere in the text of any of those.

(To stop automated scripts from snatching the info)

The CC number was NOT written in the ususal 1111 2222 3333 4444 format, either. I think I wrote them on different lines, with text in-between, also to stop scripts.

And as soon as the payment had gone through, I cancelled the card, and promised myself that I would never ever do that again.

That was in the late 90s, when it was common to FAX CC info.

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In related news, I just had to fill out an online third-party form for my school, and the registration page required my SSN as a password-recovery tool. I made up a number to give them, but I was pretty shocked that they would even ask for it, let alone require it. (And no, it was nothing for which a SSN was actually necessary. Purely a password-recovery question.)

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You don't even need to email your info to get it stolen. Both of my debit card numbers got snatched out of thin air in December, two weeks apart. Neither had been out of my wallet any longer than it takes to swipe at the grocery store.

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