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89029 Hellknight and 77224 Half-Orc Assassin

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New here... Started getting into D&D in the fall of last year and figured I'd go all-in and do the whole miniatures thing. Got a nice order from this place for Christmas and decided to start with my Bones minis, primarily since I'm an action figure customizer and felt more at ease painting plastic than pewter.

I should also point out that I've never ever had a good experience with paint washes, or shaded painting, so I'm sticking to "clean" paint jobs like one would find on an action figure or a PVC figurine. Hopefully I can still get feedback, pointers, et cetera.



This guy's from Pathfinder but I'm a D&D guy so I just made him an evil knight with an original color scheme. My friend who DOES play Pathfinder tells me the color scheme was cool nonetheless.


Half-Orc Assassin:

You guys call him Rogan, but I painted him to look like the half-orc assassin from the old D&D toyline by LJN, Zarak.

This one also took some sculpting, he seemed to be missing some muscle mass on his left arm, and most of his left finger was missing, so I had to fix that up with Green Stuff. Got him largely to keep company to my WOTC Warduke mini, and I'm hoping to find something that'd work as the evil sorcerer Kelek.


Speaking of, these aren't by Reaper but I wanted to try and show them off too.


Warduke is awesome. His WOTC miniature isn't perfect but it hits all the right marks... except the limited color palette that pales in comparison to the classic figure's look. Took it upon myself to fix that.



An old piece from the Dark World board game that survived from my childhood. The Manticore is one of my favorite mythological beasts. Had to resculpt one of his forelimbs's claws since it broke off at some point between childhood and now. I'm hoping I can get some cool colors done for the Ogres and diminutive Orcs I still also have from that game.


Thanks for looking!

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Welcome to our Asylum away from Home!


Looking good for the style that you are working with.


People around here are friendly, love to look at what you are doing, offer advice, suggestions, and point you in the direction that you are looking to go!

So ask away, someone will likely have an answer for you within a few hours! Certainly no more than a day! (Unless it is an old mini you are trying to find out who made it, or sculpted it, that can rarely take longer....)


The Common Mantra around here is "Darker Shadows, Higher Highlights!" so though you have expressed your preference for 'Clean Style' painting, don't be surprised if folks offer you recipes for shading or washes, point you toward tutorials, etc. No one will be poking you, it is just that we all love to watch people grow in or hobby!

We also have all sorts of people painting all sorts of styles, so you will see things that will make you wonder, Lords of Lead, there are things I see around here that I can't believe!

At times I want to chuck all my stuff in the trash....


So again, welcome and enjoy the ride!



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WELCOME ABOARD! May your stay be LONG & MERRY!

The best method/style of painting is the one you like the best. Your style is reminiscent of old style toy soldiers I loved when first I became hooked on minis. GREAT WORK!

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