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Regarding Cats:

Indifference on their part lasts only until the first bottle breaks. Once the near-hairless beach apes** start trying to clobber each other the cats will disappear in the blink of an eye. Might find one peeking from behind the dumpster...




Sherman's Lagoon reference.



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I had the afternoon off, spent most of it placing agitator balls in paint bottles ( 150) and found out I need at least 75 more..


Today I decided to start out on the dumpster. I have outlined / based some of the graffiti.


Those who are familiar with Motörhead will recognize the graffiti.

As said the diorama will be part tribute to Lemmy since I've been a fan since my 14th..


The red background for the graffiti is the start of "something".


The rest isn't done yet, I need some more layers and if you can see it, I made some white clouds as background for some of it,that will have to be layered in too later in more interesting colours.


Paints abused in this session: Vallejo Model Colour White. Scale 75 Bering Blue, Flat Black and Antares Red.










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Firstly, I like the name of this threat it made me smile. secondly I like the approach. looks good at the moment!

Do you mean, "Name of this thread"?


I issued a threat at George, but not sure if you smiled about that or the actual thread...  :unsure:


The "Street Violence" part. For some reason I could already see the tone of the entire piece just by the name. I think I have to much actual experience with real street violence. LOL :P

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Firstly, I like the name of this threat it made me smile. secondly I like the approach. looks good at the moment!


Thx, however it is a "working name" the final piece will get a Motörhead related title. ( figured out I'm a fan yet?)


Right now, I'm leaning to Angel City.

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Go, Herman, Go!!

There go the Barbarian pom poms again.... :devil:


Not pom poms!!!  AXE and SHIELD, the racket they make when bashed together. Don't make me rage on you, you won't like me when I'm angry.  :grr:




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Posted 06 August 2015 - 11:18 PM


Oh yeah! Go George go!

I just had a horrible vision of a Barbarian in a loin cloth raging with pom poms.....








*tries to be sneaky as he puts his pom poms away*

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Blocked in the Dumpster and did some more work on the graffiti.


Also paved the alley and put a manhole in there.

Rough work , needs paint..


Not done by far.


I didn't know graffiti could be this much fun,


There will be posters and advertisements too, some of them will be placed partly over graffiti.


What do you think so far?








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