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More Heresy Miniatures Goodness

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Here are a few more shots of the current selection of models I am working on, so far I am finished the models I got for Christmas which jumped the painting queue and were based and undercoated over the holiday.




First up we have 4 zombies some are showing a bit too much detail for a closeup shot, so I group shot will have to do.


Next a young barbarian, this model will be used in Frostgrave along with a lot of my current models.




And next up we have Big Boris, if ever you needed a Barbarian for your Frostgrave group I don't think you can do much worse then Boris, although he is rather large and that will make him quite a target for archers and other ranged attacks.




As always comments of suggestions welcome, I try and post these as a WIP but I get carried away and the next thing you know they are almost complete.

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Cool! That front zombie is pretty obviously the same body from Hero Quest! The green on the other two is great too.

It very similar to the Hero Quest one, but a lot more detailed. To be honest most of us recognise that classic sculpt is a good sign of how iconic it was.

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Some more progress on Big Boris tonight, I have yet to finish the colours and shading on his equipment, but this will be done before I look to finish off his skin.





As always comments welcome.

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Here is another few photos through the process, the skin tones are being put on followed by a glaze and then some more subtle highlights.








Once these were done there was a few touch ups to do before varnish and basing.

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