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Looking for a few odd minis


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I've got a new gaming group and they have expressed strong interest in using minis and maps on the table. So I'm looking for figures that fit our characters. We're playing GURPS in a modern alternate universe where magic is real, things are weird, and slightly silly. We've got:


-- the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist

-- the sexy female cat burglar with a cat fetish

-- a dwarf minotaur, with an axe

-- an anthropomorphic cat-man who plays football

-- a teenage witch

-- a caveman


And we're all college students.


I'm willing to do basic conversions, in fact I already started chopping up 14131: Elsabeth for the cat burglar (she uses a whip) and I pulled Juliet the mage out of my Bones pile to use for the witch.


I'm taking suggestions for the rest, looking for Bones to keep it cheap and easy to do conversions. The minotaur and the cat-man are the ones I think I'll have problems with.

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 Not sure if the scale works, but you might be able to headswap the head from TaleSpinner's cow onto a dwarf mini for the minotaur... Also, Ral Partha/Ironwind Metals has some old minotaurs that were on the smaller side back in the day that might work for a headswap.


Edit: Magister Militum's Blood Dawn fantasy line has 15mm minotaurs (item # BMN2) - they stand 22mm to the top of their heads, and they're pretty cheap even after being shipped from the UK, so you might be able to modify the clothing to be more modern or headswap onto a modern body.

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Wargods of Aegyptus have a fairly extensive "cat people" stock.

You could trim off the bow, model a football on his other hand, & greenstuff a jersey on him & he's a jock.

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