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Since I have so carefully documented my Dr. Doom conversion I thought I would track my Iron Man conversion.


To start with, Afterburn scales very well with truescale 28mm, again using Deano from Hasslefree Miniatures to scale.


To start the conversion I removed the fin on top of his helmet.  I carefully retraced the panel design and ensured the lines matched.  After that, I guess it's on to painting.


Oh, not much of a conversion, more of a joke.  ^_^


But as I paint him up I will keep track of it here.




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Managed to find a bit of brush time today.


I have included my primed pic as I think the black shows off the details best.


I have done out the basic block colours.  For his eyes, and pulse areas (and power) I will do that before I add in final colours as I want a bit of bleed-over for a lazy OSL.


I always start with a couple shades darker than I intend to finish with as my base coat.  Gives me natural shadows and recessed shades without using washes.


I also lied before, this morning I had to carve out the piece of his helmet that is red on the face.






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Thanks for the positive feedback and likes.


To show off my process a bit, the first pic shows before mid tone above the waist and after below the waist.


Today I managed to do some more brush-work and have now brought the main panels into the mid tone.  Still highlighting and battle damage yet to do.  I also intend to have some chrome bits that will be shades of grey (boosters in feet and blaster rings in palm).


I am wondering about battle damage.  I intend to add a bit (not end of every movie scale, just a few scrapes and gouges).  I also intend to use a gloss sealer to make him shine.  When would be the best time to do the damage: before or after sealing?  I don't have a lot of experience in using sealers so I am hoping for some advice.


More pics and rambling on my blog.




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I decided to post an update even though I think I need to fix some mistakes.


I brought the yellow up too light now, so I will need to do some washes and/or glazes to bring it down a few shades.


To show off how bright it is, I have him beside my Black Widow proxy (Hasslefree Miniature Ekaterina).


I will add the battle damage first, then decide how much I need to tone it down.


Anyhow, comments and any relevant advice appreciated.




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I would suggest hitting the seams where red armor panel meets red armor panel with a brown wash/ink to give more separation between panels.  If you have a chestnut wash/ink that would be even better (you could make your own by mixing red and brown wash/ink).  

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Today I did the final washes and the metal parts.  I thought I did all the battle damage.  And I sealed it.


Of course after I took the pics below I see the I missed doing the battle damage on his knee.


Anyhow, other than basing (and the damage to be finished) any comments or suggestions?  I'm ready to call him done.




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