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Excellent work the skin tones look fantastic, I have painted him he is no easy task well done ;)

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Very nice paintwork. You've a crisp and clean style. Looks good. I'm not familiar with your inspiration for the colour choices but I like it. It's a bit different.

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That is one awesome demon!!!


Original skintone, I like it.


The NMM is awesome.


But those eyes!!! Superb!!!

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Thnaks all.


Since a lot of people liked the skintone, here's a list of the colors I used:


09071 Chestnut Brown (wash)

09242 Carrot Top Red (base coat & first drybrush)

09243 Highlight Orange (zenithal base coat, second drybrush & spot detail)

09233 Bright Skin (Highlights)

09234 Bright Skin Highlight (mixed with Bright Skin, final highlights)


I was happy to finally find a good use for the Bright Skin color triad.


For the lighter spots on the wings I used mixtures of :


09111 Burnt Orange

09075 Buckskin Pale


to lighten the leathery spots between the fingers of the wings.

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