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Excellent work the skin tones look fantastic, I have painted him he is no easy task well done ;)

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Very nice paintwork. You've a crisp and clean style. Looks good. I'm not familiar with your inspiration for the colour choices but I like it. It's a bit different.

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That is one awesome demon!!!


Original skintone, I like it.


The NMM is awesome.


But those eyes!!! Superb!!!

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Thnaks all.


Since a lot of people liked the skintone, here's a list of the colors I used:


09071 Chestnut Brown (wash)

09242 Carrot Top Red (base coat & first drybrush)

09243 Highlight Orange (zenithal base coat, second drybrush & spot detail)

09233 Bright Skin (Highlights)

09234 Bright Skin Highlight (mixed with Bright Skin, final highlights)


I was happy to finally find a good use for the Bright Skin color triad.


For the lighter spots on the wings I used mixtures of :


09111 Burnt Orange

09075 Buckskin Pale


to lighten the leathery spots between the fingers of the wings.

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    • By Cicciopiu
      Hello forum family,wanna show you my last work, the Necromancer the bones one; she got way less details than the metal one, but it is good to try new techs.
      So, why do not try to refine my NMM and new skin type?
      And this is the outcome:

      Had to paint the low edge of the blade, as the sculpted one is too small, and I tryed some basic reflection, pretty happy of the result :)

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      My niece has her birthday in a week or so.  We were up visiting so I thought I would bring up a dragon I created for her.  I also had gotten the copper and alchemy set from scale 75 and kaphrixis is a copper dragon so...
      Here is the finished piece.  The body was done with copper from scale 75 mixed with some Jaquards dry copper pigments for effect. The wings were aquamarine mixed with the copper and that was the effect I got.  I thought the upper wings were gorgeous 
      Then I asked: where would a dragon keep his spellbook?  Answer: tatooed.to his wings of course!
      So enjoy! I think I will try this again and see if I can duplicate or improve the results.  I especially want to work on some tattoo effects.  I would ask for critique but the metal effect just doesn't come through the camera well.  In real life the lower scales are significantly darker than the upper scales (decayed metal vs new copper) but it just doesn't carry.
      And she got the mini today and loved it!

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      This past week I painted the Djinni figure from the Fan Favorites set.     When I first saw this figure in the Kickstarter, being a child of the 60's and 70's, the first image that flashed in my mind was Jeannie from the classic  I Dream of Jeannie TV show.   I knew that this was the color scheme I wanted to use on my Djinni figure. :)  
      I made a couple changes to the figure.  First, I separated the lamp portion of the integral base so I could mount it on a different base; and Second, I mounted the sword the correct way as it is shown in the concept art, not upside down and left-handed as the figure comes.
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      This is the biggest "miniature" I've ever painted.  I would not have even looked at it if someone hadn't asked me to paint it. It was a great challenge and a great learning experience.  I love his slightly goofy "intoxicated" facial expression.





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