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Some CAV:SO rules questions...


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Hello All,


My crew and I have been playing a lot more games lately - the pending kickstarter delivery has us fired up. And with more experience comes more rules questions.Here is a collection of questions that came up during our last few gaming sessions:



1)    Can models engaged in B2B Close combat Break from Stunned or Prone models WITHOUT rolling for disengage (assuming a 1 vs 1 situation)?


              As far as I can tell it appears they must roll, which seems somewhat counter to logic, unless I missed something somewhere.


2)   How exactly do IDC weapons affect Aircraft models in flight?


         Rules indicate they get model state Disrupted, and just hang there in the air. Which seems odd.



Can anyone point out the pg number/rule to clarify (or Cavboss give the official answer to) these questions please? Thank you in advance.

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Apparently I missed this, my apologies...


1. If the enemy model is stunned or prone and unable to perform any combat action, the break attempt is an automatic success. This will be added to the list of clarifications/errata.


2. The disrupted state is just that a disruption. It is not a "freeze", but does cause the normal flow of data and other processes to temporarily "hiccup". The pilot would be performing multiple tasks to keep his aircraft in the sky, re-routing power, enabling back-ups and other redundant systems.


There are not any official models that use IDC weapons at this time.

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