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Making a Mordheim warband mostly for fun, as I don't have any locals to play with, but maybe it can create a little wave among the local Necro players. :D

So I bought these really cool minis from Heresy. Three ghouls and a necromancer. I am going to need five ghouls total, three dregs and a vampire, but first things first. 


I've based them and shaded, and are currently waiting for them to dry:


Based bronze skin tone:



Shaded with plenty of Agrax Earthshade:



Could not help myself. The necromancer was pointing at something, and I added another 'finger' from the sprue remains. 



Based with grey:


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Phew, and after some hours of sleep, I regenerated enough energy to finish the painting. I don't have any electric drill/file, so he'll have to live with six fingers, but I don't think that kind of mutation is this guys biggest problem. 

Now only basing remains:



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