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Dragons Don't Share WIP thread - by Rowan

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This is the year to finish (or at least make major progress on) the epic Dragons Don't Share bones II model.

To start with, the washing... 



and the boiling...



And finally, the base elements are ready for cleaning:



More details can be found here and here.


More to come in the weeks ahead.

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I hear ya.  I looked at the 20 models I had to assemble and/or paint, and figured I'd pick one, single biggie to make the year's project.  While a year sounds like a long time, when you factor in writing, day job, family, a household and all the other myriad draws on time, I figured having a go at something major, with a serious stretch of time allowed, would serve as a cool 'start-to-finish' project.


Either that or it'll all get finished up in the last three weeks of December!   ^_^

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Don't forget to clean up all the mold lines!


I said to myself. "It's Just Terrain, no one will notice...."


I noticed when it was to far along to fix......


Enjoy the project!


And the rest of you get busy!




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Indeed.  I've already seen a bunch that need to be dealt with.  Figure I'll get the cleaning done (cleaning = mold lines, flash, et al) then work up the dragon and heroes.  Guarantee at least one will slip by, as Knarthex's sig says.

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An update!




In brief, I've finished prepping the model for painting.  All the mold lines gone (fingers crossed, white-on-white makes them tough to hunt down) and she's ready for some colour!


I'm a big fan of this model.  I knew it would be sweet from the previews during the kickstarter, but in person, it's absolutely fantastic!  It makes me crave painting it, though I have to harness that enthusiasm and do it right.   ^_^


I will say the model went together with minimal effort.  Clean up the mold lines, a little bit of putty work on the right wing join and the upper level of the tower, and done.  Well done Reaper, this model is sweet all around.




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    • By rubegon
      I got this mini in the Mini Painting 101 class at ReaperCon.  This was our first ReaperCon - my wife and I took the class together.  I’d painted about a dozen minis (badly) for D&D before going to RC.
      I like this sculpt, and I wanted to work on improving my basic painting skills.  I decided to keep working on her to see how far I can go.
      I’ve spent an embarrassingly large amount of time on her already.  I do feel like I’m learning a lot though and getting better at controlling my brush and getting paint consistency right.
      I broke out one of the good brushes I had bought and not touched - a da Vinci Maestro.  I still feel unworthy to use it but maybe it will help me get better.
      I’ve done a lot of work on the red armor already, but still need to do some more highlighting.  I think I might have overdone the highlights on the green ropes in some places.  I was planning to glaze them down and redo a bit smaller.
      Thanks for taking a look.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback or tips on what I can improve on the parts I’ve worked on already.
      Here she is so far - she looks a lot better if you squint.


    • By zaran
      We have a player leaving our game due to a cross-country move, so I decided to paint up Juliana as his spore druid for a display piece as a parting gift.


      This is my first attempt at a display piece, so I’m focused on getting the miniature to a place I’m happy with before building out the base. I plan to make the base a grassy clearing filled with colorful foliage. 
    • By Xiwo Xerase
      My friend and I have been discussing the GW contrast paints.  He's getting decent results in less than an hour.  So I figured I'd try timing a paint job from "primer" to finish again.
      After basecoating, I'm at about 2.5 hours on this one.  The undercoat for the metallics and basecoating everything else took about 1.5 hours of that.
      77023: Barnabas, Human Warrior is an old Bones mini and some of the detail suffers accordingly.  His sword is a little noodly too.  I'm not too interested in fixing either of these in a timed paint.
      So, here's where we are:

      (click on the pictures for larger versions)
      The paints used thus far are: (all Reaper paints unless specified otherwise)
      Flesh: Barbarian Flesh Armor, shield, and sword hilt: Tarnished Steel painted over Stone Grey Sword blade: Honed Steel painted over Stone Grey Most leather parts: Ruddy Leather Belts, straps, and accents on scabbard: Tanned Leather Cloth: Monarch Purple Gold accent on shield: Cursed Gold painted over Ruddy Leather Purple symbol on shield: Sparkling Purple Buckles: Aged Pewter Base: Dungeon Grey  
      The basing is green stuff used with a Happy Seppuku base stamp.  I don't remember which one now.
      I'm not sold on the purple symbol on the shield.  Would it look better using a bright silver or white (e.g. Pearl White)?
      Lining will help the shield immensely.  I'll probably do that as the last step.  The next step is washes.
    • By pinkymadigan
      Hey, don't normally do WIPs, so forgive me if I skip steps, but I started working on my gazebo from Bones 4.
      Built up a cork base and mounted on some basswood (slightly harder than balsa):

      I'm going to be using this as blocking terrain in Kings of War, so I don't really need any interior functionality.
      I got a Rivendell vibe from this, so I'm going to load it up with some greenery. First step is covering the rock parts with a gritty paste:

      Just left the steps exposed and some edges.
    • By Echoside_
      Hey gang, I'm taking a dive into Bust painting, starting with a bust I scored from The Ouroboros Miniatures' Exquis Kickstarter: Adriana.  I'm calling her Mrs. Jones just due to her striking resemblance to Jessica Jones from Marvel Comics; but I digress. 
      Firstly it was mold line and flash removal followed by a bath.

      I figured I would make this a project of several firsts.  I attempted a Z-Priming via rattle cans.  Yes, I know an airbrush is so much smoother, but I haven't the equipment or space for that yet.....yet.  I used the Citadel Chaos Black and the new Seer Grey rattle cans to a decent effect, or so I thought.

      The Seer Grey made her a little grainy.  A very rough texture to work around/on I have found.  Maybe I didn't shake it enough, or maybe it was slightly to humid.  I"m unsure just yet.  
      After this I called her done for the night.  I hope to try to work on her between 30 - 90 minutes a night until complete.  Crossing fingers!!
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