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I just love your NMM abilities now, you've come so far. Amazing.

Thanks Ub3r, it's good to reminded of how far I've come.  Now I've got the idea in my head of her going through sword forms in a dessert oasis.  Sigh, she was supposed to be a simple practice on Olive skin tones for another mini.  Ah well, when the inspiration strikes.... 

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More work done on Rasia.  I finished up her swords over the past couple of days since my last update.  I like the way she looks overall from the front view.  No so much the rear view.  But I will show where she at.  Still need to finish up her hair, feet, and sash (w/ freehand) before I move on to her base.


Here is her current progress:


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I think what's bugging you is the hair is flat and doesn't pop like everything else. That's the only thing other than the base that doesn't look finished to me. The rest is as Pingo stated gorgeous!



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So, I had a ... not sure how to describe it.. I was able to keep myself disciplined enough to exercise (even though I was sick) and begin my meditating again.  My painting discipline however, waned quite a bit.  I'm back to again with some more work on Rasia.  I got her feet and hair painted up.  Or at least I thought her hair was finished.  Looking at it now I think it needs a tad bit more blending.  I also had an idea for her base that I've started (no photos yet).


Here is where she is.  With hopefully more progress to come:


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