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60149: Winter Witch for SS exchange

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I absolutely love it, but I confess that it's a little less fun to look at, knowing that it's 20 degrees outside.





I'll come back and enjoy your color scheme more in the spring!  ::D:

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Yay! A proper show-off thread for this wonderful piece of art!  :bday:


I was also pleasantly surprised that Corporea was my partner as I don't look in on Fan's spreadsheet so that I stay surprised until I get the exchange from my partner. 


This is an epic piece, just love her! :wub:  :wub:


I know that you did it so that I can game with her, but she's not setting base on the table to play with (only to show off to my gaming buddies) as she'll proudly be displayed on my shelf instead. She has so many nice little details, that I caught when looking at her such as the freehand snowflakes on the dress. The crystals are amazing. Corporea please PM me where/who you purchased them from if you wouldn't mind.


Thank you again for the SS package.  ::D:

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Love your take on this piece, the base is just phenomenal ! Thank-you for running through your wip, I can see where I could have improved on mine. Those gemstone you did on the belt are perfect!

And I laughed when you mention the whole "what angle" everyone puts the staff arm/hand. I played with that for like two nights trying to figure out how I wanted it to look....knowing that everyone does it slightly differently.

Great job.

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