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Ti-Die, the Titanium Game Dice

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About this project


This project brings the vibrant colors of flame anodized titanium to the gaming industry. Titanium is a unique metal with high strength properties although they are almost as light as aluminum. Titanium is nonmagnetic, will not rust, and is tough enough to withstand millions of rolls. Who wouldn't want to have a unique set of game dice that will be sure to get some attention. 

How it's made:

These dice are precision machined on a CNC milling machine in my own shop. They are first cut from a piece of 3/4x3/4 square stock with a horizontal bandsaw.  After 6 different machining operations the dice are finally finished  and ready for flame anodizing. My dice undergo a heating process that allows a oxidation to form on the surface of the titanium. This oxidation is what causes the vibrant gold, blue, purple, cyan, and green colors to appear. I then remove that coloring from the flat faces of the die with a buffing wheel. This allows the dots to easily stand out against the dark metallic face. Since I use the flame anodizing method it allows the colors to vary from dot to dot which will make each dice unique. 

356e8cda60a5716eed358099f5e1e0a5_origina1. Cut Material Blank

d7bf005482d9b1cec38279756b98870f_origina2. Machining First Operation

229809320b11b24bb9f84af5ae47d502_originaFirst Operation Complete

504405dacb9f11639bbfe10e926460a0_originaAll 6 Operations Finished

91e804f86a583d29eaffedbe4466cfa6_originaFlame Anodizing

731188620bc9c2b4d1990dda8b518a43_originaBefore vs After Flame Anodizing

7107a81e030bf2c102adf3ae6fdaadac_originaFinal Product!

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