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Swirled Chocolate and Gummy Dice by Lunar Wolf Treats


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My bathroom scales rejoice in the fact that these dice won't be shipped across the pond...

I am sure if you ask nicely, and paid the shipping, a forumite would help you out..... :devil:



As soon as they make miniatures out of candy, we will see real casualties in games.



DM: Ok I will now consume the Paladin..

Molded with a pretzel stick up his butt.


Aren't all paladins issued this when they take their vows????

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Hey everyone!  I'm one of the creators of Lunar Wolf Treats.  Thank you so much for posting this, it's actually gotten us quite a few backers!  

Just so you guys know, we did add international shipping by country on request, but the shipping cost is unfortunately very high since these are perishable items so we have to ship them priority mail to make sure they arrive alright.

Also, to those suggesting the idea of edible miniatures... we're about four steps ahead of ya! :D   Of course.. it's probably gonna be about 18 more steps before we're ready for that kickstarter, but keep your eyes out (Gelatinous Cube will be up first most likely because... well... it's easier!  We're planning to embed chocolate skeletons inside a gummy mold :D)


Thanks again for sharing!!!

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Hopefully I can ship to a friend! :D

As long as postage is paid, we'll ship it to Mars if you like (though considering how much it costs us to send them to the UK and have it arrive inside a week, Mars may require some R&D in teleportation technology)


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