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My Fire Demon was missing his lower jaw so I liberated Goroloth's head to replace it.  At that point his wings weren't impressive enough and he some new ones from Rauthuros.  The whole conversion took

Trying to decide if this plastic rod is strong enough to form the core of the staff or if I need to upgrade to metal.  Oh, also the tines of the fork are together.  They are made from the outer part o

Progress shots.  Haven't been to the store to pick up the parts for the military fork yet but the staff gives you an idea of the length of the shaft for it.  

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Trying to decide if this plastic rod is strong enough to form the core of the staff or if I need to upgrade to metal.  Oh, also the tines of the fork are together.  They are made from the outer part of the Wolf Demon's claws.





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So just an fyi, when using CA glue to bond bones to brass rod you have approximately 0.5 seconds to adjust where you put it if the fit is tight.  Good thing I had it pretty much in the right place cause this sucker isn't letting go.


ETA:  Fortunately, it seems that a brief dip in boiling water got the offending piece to let go so I can adjust it.  Here's where we stand before any greenstuff to fill in the shaft.





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Ok, first step of what I want to add.  Think Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'.  Essentially all the swirly stuff on the shaft is stolen souls.  Probably going to shoot for a few more spikes protruding up and down the shaft with faces tacked to them and maybe some fingers sticking out of the swirl as if hands are clawing to get out.  We'll see.  Sorry for the quality of the pics, very hard photograph around a shaft, especially with just a phone.






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      This is a vintage mini, Grenadier Dragonman Sorcerer, I got it from a BOGW a few years ago.
      I will use him as a Demon Officer in my Children of the Grave army, because I think he looks a bit like a classic Demon.

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      Hi everyone, I completed this one last night. 02181, Sirithis the Succubus sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. This is a Dark Heaven Legends model. I painted her with Reaper MSP paint and mounted her on a 40 mm round base sku: 74033. Censored for the younger audience. Uncensored version of the pictures can be found on my blog or FB page.













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      If anyone has any leads on other interesting giant fly minis please share them, as I've been finding it difficult to find good models for RoSD.

      Also, how do you paint insect wings?  They're such a unique feature in the animal kingdom and I'd love to see how you go about it?
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