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Two Part Video on how to make a Static Grass Applicator Cheap (Now the results!)

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Ran across a video tutorial in 2 parts on how to build a Static Grass Applicator Cheap.

(2nd part is linked in the video)

The tutorial is straight forward, well documented, with good shots of all construction.

In the comments of the first video, is the parts list.

Considering that the least expensive static Grass Applicator I could find retails at $145, I think I can chance $20 or so...


I have NOT done this yet, but I ordered the main piece, a negative Ion Generator last night, and will be getting the rest of the parts over the next week or so, and getting everything together that I can so that when it arrives, I can put that in and go!




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Well all the parts finally got here, and construction began!

Of course, my electronic crimping set appears to be AWOL, and of course no one has used it.... :grr:


A couple of comments,


1- I am using 1 1/2 inch PVC instead of 2 inch. I am doing minis, not train table layouts! So I decided to go a little smaller.

2- When using a power tool to cut PVC, GO SLOW! I had my coupler piece crack to pieces when using my table saw. (The blade is brand new)

     So back to Lowes for another pair of couplers, in case I broke another. They were only $0.61, so no big loss, just a pita....

     Also PVC and Power Tool = BIG MESS! shavings everywhere....

3- Once again Dremel to the rescue! Much of the stuff he uses in the video were easily done with my Dremel. Sanding the circles to size      / fit, evening up the hole for the switch, drilling all the small holes, etc

4- Locktite epoxy used in the video comes with 2 nozzle applicators, they are one use only! So I made sure to have other things                  needing epoxy to hand before starting...


So here is a pic of where I am at now as I wait for the epoxy to cure:



I will try to get finished and do a test tomorrow night.




ps Does anyone know which line coming from my dc power soure is (+) and which is (-)? 1 wire is black, which should be the (+) side, and the other wire is black with a solid white stripe running the length, which should be the (-). But I would rather not burn up the stuff before I get the chance to use it!

(My Google Fu was weak tonight...)

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So I finished putting things together after getting what I needed....


I decided to test it out on a piece of card board, So I put a piece of printer paper underneath, put the card board on top, (Everything was on a block of wood) stuck a couple pins into it, and painted some Elmer's white glue onto the card board.


I put some Woodland Scenics Harvest Gold grass into the applicator, turned it on, and shook it over the cardboard.


Hmmm nothing really different here, maybe I should try a different grass?


So I loaded it up with Noch Wildgrass Beige, which is a longer (6mm vs 2mm) grass. Turned it on, and shook it over a different patch of glue.


Again, Nothing seemed to be happening....


post-14271-0-79796700-1455414698_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-22040600-1455414700_thumb.jpg


post-14271-0-45359700-1455414699.jpg post-14271-0-03940700-1455414701_thumb.jpg


Feeling rather disappointed, I checked to see if I actually had power to everything like I was supposed to, using my multi-meter.

Low and behold, no power....

Now the switch that the video recommends, and that I used is off in the middle, and on at both ends, I threw the switch the other way, and had power!


I quickly prepped another strip of cardboard, and had at again:


post-14271-0-83520000-1455414701_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-70333500-1455414703_thumb.jpg


post-14271-0-67839900-1455414702_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-56286600-1455414704_thumb.jpg


Lots Better!


As you can see, I did not wait for the glue to dry before taking pics, but I don't think that will matter.


It was interesting to see the grass stick straight out sideways from the pin stuck into the cardboard!

I should have used a different color grass for the pics sake, but I used what I had most of...


I am now tempted to try the 'CHIA Knight' that Heisler(?) posted on my base tutorial and see how it works...

But not tonight!



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