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Un-Renaissance : un-dead miniatures from Renaissance


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About this project



Greebo Games is a well known Italian manufacturer of miniatures, born for fantasy football. Recently we have started to produce board games and different types of fantasy sports games, other than collaborations with different Italian and International realities.

 In the years of activity, sculptors and producers have developed the company with love and devotion. The new technological eras bring and guarantee constructive improvements in quality, but we are committed to maintain the handicraft expression, the artistic creativeness, the attention to the details and the demands of our clients, respecting the history of Fantasy and its traditions.

Nowadays, at Greebo Games we work to create components for table games and for quality collections, putting our knowledge and skills to your service.

Sculpture, prototyping, 3D printing, metal or resin cast production, illustrations and characters design: all you need to make your product from A to Z. All items for sale in the collection are exclusively approved inside the Greebo laboratories.


Of course, once you go beyond the basic level, the more people get involved, the more advanced the options get. The beauty of crowdfunding projects is that you can go for the safe option of a basic pledge (our first levels) which gets you a guaranteed set of stuff, provided the project reaches its minimum funding level. 

In our case, this minimum level sits at € 2,000. Alternatively, you can invest a bit more money (with a higher level) and reap the benefits when more people become involved and the project really takes off. Once certain funding levels are reached (see below), the return for your initial pledge grows, even though you don’t you have pay any additional money. 

 These benefits can include additional models, parts or substitute parts for the characters, such as better weapons, strongest creature, sidekick characters or other miscellaneous stuff. Not all extra goals give you automatic bonuses, though, some release additional pledging/update options. These can be available for all pledge levels or just for specific ones, please see below for details.


Ended a few months ago, the World Cup NAF 2015 has seen this year almost 1,000 participants! Each of them has received as a sponsor gift an entire team in limited edition, specially created by Greebo Games for the tournament.  

51aac04b46e88626f6de531058111844_originaWCN 2015 - Limited team for the event, not available in this Kickstarter

To celebrate the success of this limited team, in this campaign we propose a number of compatible miniatures in the same style, about a theme that marked the Italian tradition, namely the Renaissance.

For those who have participated in the tournament but wants more compatible models, for those who could not come to the event but wanted a team with that particular style, for those who want to use the models to anything else, brace yourselves: they are now available!

 The attention to details made from our Senior Character Designer will show you exactly what will be our finished work, who will born only with YOUR HELP.

Is this all? NO! You will find even some more miniatures, available ONLY during conventions and campaigns! Just one more thing: do not forget to HAVE FUN following our new Un-Renaissance campaign!   

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Have to admit that when I first saw the minis I had no clue they were a sports team.

I just though they were unusual looking undead in some interesting poses.


I'd still be interested in them purely for being unique looking undead if my budget allowed for it.

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