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Un-Renaissance : un-dead miniatures from Renaissance


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I want way more of these than I should right now.. the wights are great for ghosts/wraiths, the ghouls are awesome.. the mummies are awesome.. it's the zombies and skeletons I don't really need.. you'd also think I'd be all over the werewolves, but I just don't use them enough.. 

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 All miniatures are sculpted by Lorenzo Giusti aka "Greebo"

All miniatures concepts (except Cheerleaders and Savonarola by Katerina Landon, Dante, Magnus, Ugolino by Macs Gallo) are made by Bernardo Anichini.

All sets are securely shipped in padded envelopes or box, depend of the pledge.

All miniatures are made from metal. 

They will be supplied as unassembled, unpainted, unbased kits, except where explicitly stated otherwise. 

They are all supplied with the standard round 25mm black plastic bases (Big Guys will have a 30mm round plastic base).

The miniatures and all additional parts are 28 mm scale Shipping commences in April 2016.

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Thanks Jack!

28 mm don't really appeal to me as much anymore. Probably gonna pass on this one.

They're actually closer to 30mm. If I had some of mine put together, I could put up scale photos with a Reaper and a Privateer Press mini. They lean heavy on the Privateer Press end of the scale.



Also they blew through a bunch more stretch goals, but haven't updated the graphic yet.

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Our concepts artist is near to explode, he try to create more thing as fast as possible, and 3D sculptors doing the same with sculpts! 

Today we have some concepts ready and new Stretch Goal, FREE for a total amount of 120 Eur or higher!


Little Dead Dudes 


Good night!

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