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First Edition Adventure Module A1 A Forgotten Evil

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About this project
Mischief, Inc. Adventure Modules

Remember playing the fantasy role playing adventures of the 1980s? Are you interested in the style of play common to the inception of modern day fantasy role playing games? If you answered yes to either of those questions, we have something of interest to you.

The products are 8.5 x 11 saddle stitched booklets in black and white. The cover (unattached) is full color and wrapped around the booklet. Both come in a sealed polybag. For those who pledge at a level that includes illustration booklets, those will also be in the polybag.

Who Are We?

The origins of Mischief, Inc. go back to the 1980s when a small, tight group of friends and role-playing gamers came up with a name for a fictional company under which they would someday publish their endeavors. Today Mischief, Inc. is the realization of that dream. We are publishers of adventure modules for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® rule system.

Mischief, Inc. is a very small company based in Pittsburgh, PA USA. Originally founded by two people Alex Karaczun and Bob Pennington, the company now consists of three people Co-Founder/President/CEO Alex Karaczun, Creative Director Matt Ray and Art Director Karen Henery. We have produced two adventure modules to date. The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying (which is being updated and revised in this Kickstarter) and The Inheritance.

The Adventures

A Forgotten Evil


In ages past nations fought great wars with the aid of terrible powers from fiendish allies. Much has been forgotten since then, but sometimes that which is forgotten can be the greatest danger of all.  

Goblins are raiding the small villages near Caer Carega. Is it just the depredations of a few desperate tribes, or is there something more sinister behind the night raids?

A Forgotten Evil is a starting adventure for character levels 1-3.

The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying


Rakoss was a great wizard of ages past who served the Emperor of Maere. Tales tell of his prowess as a military strategist, but they also tell of his fall. It is said that although he won campaign after campaign for his emperor, just one failure brought about his doom. Defeated by the King of Cadarn, Rakoss was followed back to his refuge where he, his generals, strategists and personal guard were entombed. Somewhere in the Ganlaw Mountains they remain sealed in by powerful magic.

Who knows what treasure was buried with Rakoss and his retinue, or what horrors remain to test any who might enter the tomb. Certainly only a brave few would dare seek out the final resting place of Rakoss, and even fewer can survive the terrors of The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying!

The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying is a low-to-mid level adventure for character levels 4-6.

This module is only available in print form via this Kickstarter.

The Maps

True to the classic adventure modules of the 1980s, our modules include blue and white dungeon maps, or full color overland maps on the inside of the cover (unattached). Maps found in the interior of the booklet are in a similar style, but black and white in presentation.

The Illustration

We have engaged illustrators whose work calls to mind the illustration of the golden age of role playing game adventures. Spread out through these adventures you will see the work of Jeff Dee, Storn Cook, Bruno Balixa, Jordan Worley, Karina MacGill and Matt Ray as well as many others.

Exclusive to this Kickstarter at the $20+ and $40+ backer levels are illustration booklets for A Forgotten Evil and The Tomb of Rakoss the Undying respectively that provide illustrations to be shown to the players for key encounters. These are separate saddle stitched booklets that are very similar to those found in the classic adventures The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, and Tomb of Horrors.

8aba27f6641e0275e727645ceb6da229_originasketch for illustration booklet

Additionally, at the highest pledge level ($50) and limited to 100 copies is a Kickstarter exclusive lithograph of the full color, front cover illustration of A Forgotten Evil "Street Fight" by Jordan Worley. These high quality lithographs will be signed and numbered by Jordan.

The Characters

Each of our adventure modules comes complete with 10 pre-generated iconic Player Characters suitable for immediate play as the main PCs of the adventure, or to replace the occasional dead PC. Each comes with full statistics including equipment, magic items, spells and race/class abilities spelled out. A character portrait bust is included with the write up, and you will see these characters portrayed in action illustrations throughout the module in which they appear.


Our adventure modules are designed to be fully Advanced Dungeons & Dragons®compatible. Monster statistics are culled from many official and unofficial sources and displayed in a manner that should be recognizable to all those familiar with AD&D®

     Orc (4): AC 6; MV 9â€; HD 1; hp 8, 7, 3, 1; #AT 1;
     Dmg axe (1-8), spear (1-6); AL LE; SIZE M; XP 59; 
     MM p.76. Their treasure is a total of 33 ep.

Mentions of rules will also occasionally reference the book and page number where useful expansion on the subject can be found.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and AD&D are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, and are used without permission. Mischief, Inc. and its products are not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast.

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