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I recently received my pledge from Thunderchild Miniatures for their Wasteman game. This is a 32 /35 mm skirmish game where each side needs the minimum of 5 models to play a battle. The sculpt are quite simple but with a nice amount of character and in keeping with the quirky humour in both the rules and the artwork associated with the game.




I started off with a batch of 9 models that were cleaned and based, these were then undercoated.

The plan is to get a few set ready

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Once again my enthusiasm got the better of my, it didn't help my phone cable stopped working so it has been in airplane mode until I could get a new cable.


First up I painted the Abyzmaloid's these are Alien troopers from the Lunar Coalition.






As always comments or suggestions welcome.

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high school football team??


Do they have appropriate names on the back of the jerseys so you can tell them apart?


They actually look nice and I like the non traditional skin coloration.  It just reads visiting alien!

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Here is a few close ups of some of the other models of the first set. The models are all quirky, and I can't wait to try some freehand on the t-shirts.






Also are the nice Mawmen, these are quite nice aliens and could be used in a range of games.




As always comments welcome.

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Here is some progress on the models tonight, I have been focusing a bit on the Mawmen and Wanda.


I am still struggling with dark skin, I plan to put a dark wash over the skin areas and start the highlights again.




As for the Mawman I finished the highlights on his tongue and pallets I now need to decide on a skin colour - I think it will be a sickly green and sort out the teeth.




As always comments or suggestions welcome.

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Some more progress on the first set of Mawmen, I decided to go for a green skin or a really strange mutation.




These were then highlighted and given a green wash to add some depth, after that two coats of Matt varnish, and then onto the base. As the game is based in a post nuclear world I kept the bases simple with barren dust.






As always comments welcome. I almost have enough models painted for a game now. But I will need a few more models for a game at my wargaming club.

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Following on from the two Mawmen I cracked on with the remaining humans. The first one I planned to paint was the overweight or somewhat portly Rambo wannabe.




Here is a shot with some of the basics down. I got to use some of my paints from my Flames of War sets so I can't complain.






I had originally planned a set of Tracksuit bottoms but spotted the belt so decided that a wasteland survivor with army surplus pants would do.




This was where I left him with a coat of gloss varnish. I plan to do all the rest of the models together.


As always comments welcome.

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Moving on to the next human survivor I painted the one glove as the remains of an orange Hazmat suit, that and the gas mask are nice features to the model.




I then added some detail and free hand to his red shirt, points are available for guessing the football team :).






I put a gloss coat of paint on and moved onto the final model of the first batch.

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The final model is called Cannibal Jim and carries a rather large knife and is wearing a top that doesn't hide his Paunch. I chose to paint him up with white hair. This is a few WIP shots as I started with a dark grey and highlighted up form here.




And here are a few later shots with still highlighting to do on the skin, eyes and other areas. The T-shirt was a spur of the moment decision as I fancied a yellow top. Once this is done I will be adding more gore to the top.




Here is a closeup of my attempt at a kaftan scarf it doesn't look too bad and will do for a tabletop model.


As always comments welcome.


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Here is the next batch of Wasteman models. These are the Cybjorgs, the remains of the Swiss failed experiment who survived the nuclear apocalypse.




The plan is to make them look very unhealthy and so to show they have been alive for a long time.




The metal implants look crude and rushed and so I plan to make the skin around the edges look sore and damaged.




A black undercoat has been put on the metal items.


As always comments welcome.

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Some more progress on these models. The skin has been highlighted and an amount of detail has been brought out. The plan is to put on a flesh wash to add to the depth of colour.






The grey is to be used as a base for other colours, some metal is still required in places.


As always comments welcome, I can see myself focussing on one or two in a bit to get them finished.

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