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Crosswire conversion to Ivan Vanko (Whiplash)

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As part of my ongoing super hero project, I have been converting a few minis to represent some of the better known heroes and villains from the pages of comics and movies.


I picked up Crosswire as a start for Whiplash, not realizing just how big he is.  I ramble on it extensively on my blog, these couple of pics show how he scales with 28mm truescale figs as shown by Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures.  In short, he is giant.


I started by sculpting the Arc Reactor on his chest yesterday and today I added on the straps and power cables.


As I see the bottom wires attached I need to go in and clean up the edge where I have a gap on the Arc Reactor base plate.


Comments and advice appreciated.





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I am doing a terrible update on the project.  I took two pics at the early stages already shown, and then I sat down and all but finished him.


I am going to add a few minor details like straps holding the wires on his left arm and some hair coming out of his helmet, but I think I am more or less done.


Any great ideas or advice is appreciated, more pics and rambling on my blog.



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My villain has just handed back his hair club for men card as I added a flowing mullet to him.


Rambling on my blog as usual, and a couple of hair close-ups from other angles.  I did a bit of tidying up after this pic, especially to the right side of his hair and the left power cables which I see got some greenstuff on it.


Word of advice: take pics of sculpting and conversion and look at them before the greenstuff cures.  Just started that recently (with Dr. Doom) and it saves A LOT of frustration later.


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I found a bit of brush time last night for Whiplash, and managed to block our his basic colours.


I have chosen a brownish-purple for his armour to reflect the scheme in the comic version of the movie Whiplash.


Any comments appreciated, but this is the crude slap paint on it stage so I doubt there is much to say.



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Had a bit more time to paint Whiplash last night.


I added in the wires although I notice my random selection of wires at the hand didn't quite match up with the ones running down his arm.  Oh well, it is still visually interesting.


What is left is the highlights on the metal parts and the pants, boots and hair.



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