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77378 Caryatid Columns


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Ever since Dr Who, I have never been able to look at statues in quite the same way...


Edit - forgot to mention - Great job!  They really look like statues and I can only imagine how cool it will be when you replace the "standing" statue with the "moving" statue!

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Thanks, everyone.


Jkemeister: I agree. Statues of all kinds must be treated with suspicion. But I still think that the Silence win the creepy monster contest.


WerkRobotWerk & Type2: I like the way your minds work. My players will not thank you for giving me ideas.

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The moss effect is something I first saw when Buglips did it to the base of Kaladrax. Paint the stone as usual, then put a little wash in random areas that would be in shade. There are actually three wash colors I used in there: an olive green, highland moss, and a blend of the two.


And a close up of the results


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