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Reaper Bones HD


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Hi forumites!


So with my recently received order of plastic narcotics, I also recieved something new, a bottle of MSP Bones HD in Dragon Green. :)


It's a very nice deep green color. Before I washed my bones in warm water with some dish soap, I painted a little line of the green on the plastic toothbrush neck near where the bristles are, where I knew it would spend considerable time in the water for scrubby time.


The paint dried wonderfully matte, and was very opaque. I barely needed to shake it to mix, and it came out of the dropper perfectly mixed.


After spending around a half-hour to scrub 20-off figures (I let it dry first of course, about 10 minutes), I would like to report that the paint didn't even think of cracking or coming off. That is some serious adhesion there! I even tried rubbing it with my thumb, and it stayed put. The edges didn't even feather or crack, it retained sharp lines. I suddenly believe Reaper's claim that if I use the HD paint as an undercoat, there is no need to use a primer on Bones.


Even with the good coverage, it watered down nicely in my tiny amount of testing, so that I think I could use it as a layer or maybe even a wash. Color me even more impressed.




I'm thinking of buying the one of the HD cases now... Thanks for the awesome paint Reaper, it has definitely made me want to grab more HD colors!

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Does anybody know when the Bones HD paint line will be released? The last time I spoke with Customer Service at Reaper, the reply was, "Sometime in 2016."


See below for the official answer by Ladystorm




So when are these paints going to be for sale?!?

The promotional flyer lists Spring 2016 as the planned release window.


That is the most information available at this time.


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