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    • By odinsgrandson
      My wife told me that it is her favorite of the toppers I've made.  I suppose she's not alone in that, since another couple requested one.
      Here they are.  I'll probably need to make one to keep sometime, maybe for our anniversary (we decided that Cortana was a good enough name for our daughter, after all).

    • By odinsgrandson
      So, I had quite a few different sets of cake toppers on my table at the same time, and we decided to take a group shot of them:

      Naturally, we'll also need some couples to thin out the horde:



      On that last one, I'm thinking someone took 'proficiency: Shovel.'
    • By odinsgrandson
      Here are a few of my recent cake toppers.  While most of the cake toppers I do are zombie survivors, there's still plenty of room for other realms of geekdom.
      In this case, here are several that are based on favorite videogames.
      (Actually, the spartan in blue was a cosplayer who often wears that outfit to conventions as well).




    • By Dai-Mongar
      I got married on Saturday!

      Here we are looking far happier than is probably healthy.
      My wife and I decided that we would have our own homemade cake for our wedding, with her baking and decorating it and me painting up a cake topper. Recipies were trialled, decorating techniques were researched, and the end result was pretty great:

      And of course, the reason I'm posting in Show Off, is the cake topper featuring King Angus and Queen Shanon:

      I'm quite happy with the result. The base is from Iron Halo, who were incidentally the only company I found that made a 100mm round base, but also happened to make it in an appropriate design.
      I'll leave you with a shot of the wedding party (yes, me and my groomsmen have personalised Judge badges and yes, I would have bought whole Judge outfits for all of us if I could have afforded it).

    • By odinsgrandson
      So, most couples want me to match the two of them, but every once in a while, I match characters that they made.  In this case, they made two elves.

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