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Cornelius Dapperbear

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He looks great!


Well tiny, but he's great.


Not that he's big,


you know what I mean right?


*** looks confused, tilts head, wags tail***

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awww!  I loved watching Andy sculpt him, so it's awesome to see him all completed and ready to terrorize the gaming board with his powers of overwhelming cuteness!!!  great job!

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Thanks everyone for your kind replies ^_^ really, most of the praise goes to Andy ::):


Nah, your paint job did the little guy wonders.  I just gave you a canvas.



He's fantastic, and adorable!


You and Andy made a great team here.


Hey, we gingers have to stick together.  ::D:

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    • By Pingo
      Happy birthday, creaturespinner! May it be filled with joy and good company!   
    • By redambrosia
      I've got three player characters and a random demon.
      The first is a kobold mage, from 03024 Kobold Leader and Sorcerer. I filled out his robes and cloak so he wouldn't be raggedy. The character is a terramancer, so I should have replaced the fire with earthy stuff, but I wasn't feeling that creative.

      Next is the half-leprechaun, for our irish-heritage player  He's made from 50307, Mr. Grimm and a now faceless bones guy. I just cut off that guy's face and attached it to Mr. Grimm, who had his face ground down. I also filled in the robotic arm and ground off the back pack connector. Turning the hand into a humanoid hand didn't work too well, so don't look at that.

      The last player character is a new version of my doll mage, Eloria, made from 03648, Hyrekia. I liked her better than my previous.

      And last is 77258 Blood Demon. Just a random bones mini I finished.

      I hope you enjoy!
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      So I have a way of grabbing some terrain items for a 'quick' paint job, and it turning out to be not so quick. See what I mean with the Bones book cases, and barrels, some cows, and the Bones 1 caskets.  
      I should have known better when I sat down to knock out just a couple of beds. Well... maybe they don't look as good as I think they do, because I know how much bleeding time I put into them, and maybe I've gotten some Stockholm syndrome towards them.
      I'll let you all decide.

      And just because, Here's a Pig to wrap in all those blankets.

      Let me know what you all think.
      Thanks for looking!
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      Nothing too exciting, just yet another example of my tabletop painting.
      har har har... Sorry couldn't resist.
      But these  were actually really quick. (I had remembered my wood formula by then. Of course I yet again didn't write it down, cause I always think, "I'll remember." )

    • By redambrosia
      ... and they all fall down. Where they blind-folded or something?!
      Druid! This is actually the first mini I ever bought, well over ten years ago. At the time I couldn't imagine painting her (those tiny eyes!) and figured she'd just be metal coloured. Obviously, things have changed. I decided that I wanted her to be a more colourful druid, because nature is colourful, so why are druids always in boring green and brown? And then her bird ended up being a parrot.

      This is the mini for my Hubby's dragonborn paladin, Sharoc-Pel. Hubby wanted him fairly simple and non-fancy, so I stuck with steel coloured armour for him.

      This is Rokori, my Little People Beauty Pageant entry. She's a guard for the King of the dwarves, which is what the symbol on her shield is meant to be. When I entered her in the pageant she actually wasn't done, but I didn't notice until too late that her belt buckle was unfinished. So this is the finished version, with the shield on her belt buckle too.

      And last is the polar bear. It was painted up as familiar for a snow elf character. She has a name, but durned if I remember it Went with warm whites for this polar bear and put some snow effect on her paws, between her claws. She has yet to bloody anything.

      Hope you enjoyed them and my silly joke
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