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OblivAeon The End of the Multiverse!


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Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon


The final Sentinels of the Multiverse Expansion adds a new mission deck in addition to new heroes, villians, and the use of multiple envirnments.


The kickstarter also includes the compiled alternate hero cards, a complete hero foil card set, a collector's box, and a canvas poster.

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The announcement of this was lots of fun. I was following along through the forums a couple of days ago and they had a bunch of puzzles to solve which bit by bit revealed comic book pages (as seen in the link below) detailing the events leading to this expansion.  Their kickstarter's have had really high international shipping in the past so I haven't backed those. But I love the game and really want that collector case and the promos, so will be trying to scrounge up enough to get in this time.



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Backed, and really happy to see this doing so well. I only got into Sentinels in the last year, so I've been missing a lot of the promos and such, thus really looking forward to the chance to get them. The collector's case will be really good too, given the transport issues I already have with about half of the releases to date!

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My pledge arrived yesterday!


Am digging the collectors case but I'm honestly not sure that it will make things better for travelling. I mean it's perfect for storing everything at home, but its so damn big that taking it to the FLGS is gonna be a pain. 

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I have received mine! That collector's case is massive! I'm not sure whether it's more convenient than having everyhtign divided up among the 4 boxes it was already in.


Also should probably sleeve them, since the case is designed to fit sleeves.  Now to source 3,200 sleeves...

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