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Jan Resolutionary Paint Challenge: Gnolls (4)


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Technique Practice, month one.

4 gnolls,painted the eyes, TTM on the armor and then basing using a Basius stamp pad.

also by necessity fur. 


These three each have a base color that mirrors their skirt. 

the spear is toothpick and green stuff.


the water effect is practically invisible. 




I cut the blue gnolls hand off, and rotated it. Hopefully he does not look like he is hitting himself....



I am happiest with the eyes, the TMM seems okay, the basing still a work in progress, but I learned a lot trying them. 

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Very nicely done. I would have liked to see the guy holding the spear more

hmm he could use some touch up from this angle, at his foot and spear-butt. 




This was before I finished basing, or the spear, but his back hasn't changed. 


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