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Zombicide Walkers Round 1


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They look great! 


When you're done you're welcome to come paint the 250ish ones I have! 




I've looked at them, looked at my paint set, decided I don't have nearly enough paint, or time, and looked away.


I did paint all of the players - some very badly - but at least they're not neon colored chunks of plastic anymore.


The zombies though, man that's just intimidating - I have all of the seasons and expansion packs and even a couple of extra add-on packs of extra zombies. I don't know how many but it's well over 200.


I should *at least* paint the abominations.




Maybe. :)


Anyway keep at it those look frigging awesome!

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Zombie #2 bears a striking resemblance to my high school Latin teacher, Mrs. Delores...I always suspected she was undead. That aside, The Living Impaired Folk are BEAUTIES all things considered...FANTASTIC brushwork, WONDERFULLY WELL DONE!

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