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89013: Ezren, Iconic Wizard


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I love the sculpt for this guy. So much fun stuff to work with. But in the end I got fed up with him and wanted him done - he's intended for tabletop use, and I decided that all the fiddly pouches & stuff hanging off his belts weren't going to get the time and attention they deserved, so they kinda got a brown splatted on there and I called it done. To be honest, I'll probably come back and touch this guy up later when I'm feeling ambitious, but for now... this works. ::):




I think I actually had the lighting turned up a little too much for the photo... He's got fairly noticeable highlighting in real life, but it mostly washed out on here. ::(: Oh well, at least you can see his fire hair, and the silly lava base I made for him. ::P: This is my Frostgrave apprentice, an elementalist focusing primarily on fire (shockingly!). The actual wizard is still a WIP; she'll be along probably towards the end of February, at the rate I've been going on her. In the meantime, I have this guy looking menacing on the battlefield. ::):

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Come, come to the dark side!




Come at me bro!


 he looks properly menacing - are you sure he's the apprentice?! lol He looks awesome, love that base as well!


That's actually deliberate. He looks big and scary on the battlefield, especially compared to the relatively subdued water/ice elementalist who's his master. She's a sneaky one - she deliberately recruited someone flamboyant and extravagant and scary-looking to make him look like the big scary threat, leaving her a lot more free to wander around. (Out of character - that's also deliberate on my part. I was going to do more to make the real mage look scary too, but then realised that having him look scary makes him the main psychological target on the battlefield. It's not like I lie about which character is the apprentice and which is the mage, I just know which one people are going to have more of a gut reaction to and am certainly not above using that to my advantage. ::P: )

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