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looks great jay... all of the comments above are well earned.  So I will add one more comment... the base!  You have come a long way and that is a convincing lava base if I ever saw one!   What a change from the ol' days of using the broccoli base the mini came with.  Now you are telling a story even on such a small mini.




RobinH, Thank you for your generous compliment !

I have to admit that I have begun to enjoy basing these mini's.

I have to thank you for one thing, I was thinking "how can I get some Orange into this mini",

when it occurred to me that lava seeping up through the floor would be orange :)

So, There it is.  The other fun part is that I never look at what someone else has painted a miniature

as.  I try NOT to know what someone else has done.  So painting the baby mouseling made sense to me,

never crossed my mind to make it an idol, if anything, it might have become a teddy bear...just because I thought

it was so silly.  Thanks again for your kind words !

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UBERCOOL! Doc Jones & Associate are BEAUTIFULLY painted little characters. Your creation is charming, cute without getting sticky sweet about it. VERY WELL DONE!

It is getting more difficult to resist the Little Furry Folk...you're not helping the situation at all with these fun pieces.

Resistance is futile! Some mouselings would be happy living amongst the other crazy critters in your world!


And great job! I think having the little one be a baby is so cute! Maybe it is take your kid to work day! Ha!

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I was always very tepid towards mouslings and the like, but posts like this make me love them. So cute and well painted.

So glad you liked him...

Just be very aware, these guys ARE SO SMALL !

We are talking 3/4 of an inch here.

Tooth picks and 4/0000 paint brushes with really sharp points.

But dang is it so much fun to be zany when you are painting them !

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