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Dystopian Wars Tanks - DWI0027 - RPChallenge 2016


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I had to give up on aspirations to do something for my Reven Army or some sort of Frost Wizard for the themed figure. Time ran out. But here were all these little tanks I had not done. I painted one as an experiment last year. There he is on the left:




The rest of the squadron is scattered out to the right, sad and paint free.


The problem was to remember what I did for the first one. I am a cheerfully experimental painter. I don't do so well at remembering the ingredients in the experiment. (Really should have looked up the previous thread! I had made notes...) But here are four more finished up:




I thought I managed to stumble upon the formula again. (But it turns out, now I've found the prior thread, I haven't quite.) The one from last year is the blurry one in the background. That leaves one more to do out of the batch. (It was a pack of six.)


The last one will be the first thing for next month's challenge batch.

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those are awesome looking! I like those little guys, what scale are they? hard to tell in pictures of course


I started writing what I did down on index cards and at least stuffing them in a pile, half of them I've drybrushed over lol but still legible! at least if you can read my writing... anyway, gives a hint. I always think, "oh I'll remember that" hah yeah not so much... anyway just an idea :)

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...those are awesome looking! I like those little guys, what scale are they? hard to tell in pictures of course...



They are nominally 1:1200 scale. This means that 1 inch of model represents 100 feet if it was full size. Here is a new picture which might help:




Both standard sizes of paperclips plus some US coins included to give an idea of size. 


If these tanks were full size they would be 90 to 100 feet long. I have a house that is about 1600 square feet and its longest exterior wall is fifty feet long. At full-size they would be twice as long as that house and would only be able to drive along the street by crushing mailboxes and lamp posts on both sides of the street as they passed.


However, if someone wanted to use them with terrain that was built to 1:600 or 1:300 they would work pretty well (representing tanks just 50 feet long, or a fairly realistic 25 feet long, respectively).

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