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Decided to finally take some (bad) pictures of some things I've painted and put them up here. First up, the Bones Sharkman. I paint to use minis in Pathfinder, so I like to put little touches for characterization. For this guy, he was a recurring threat in a pirate game, I painted a crappy little anchor tattoo on one arm, and a heart with Mom in it on the other. 




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Next up, is Xanesha, the Lamia for the Rise of the Runelords campaign. I wanted to get some more iridescence on the scales but couldn't pull it off yet. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with this one. Even though the fight was promptly ended by some clever tactics on the players part. Sigh. 





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Behold! Painted up a pair of not-beholders to menace people with. Went with two different color schemes, not sure which looks better. I am color blind, so sometimes things look good to me, and whacky to other. I think I like the purple-y one more...








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It came out of her eyes, this she swore, this she cried, like the vapor or the mist of a Ghooooost. Word spread around town, it was seen creeping 'round, transparent and clear as a ghoooost. Prayers folks did pray, every hour, every day, for the Lord to come banish the ghoooost.


Speak to us, speak to us, tell us why this town was chosen! Deliver us, deliver us, free us from this haunted prison!


But nothing did change, no nothing did change, and we locked our doors to the ghooooost. But doors they do crack, from the smallest impact, so we burned the whole town full of ghosts. And fear did create, a force that was great, as a tide of a thousand ghoooosts....


Ahem. The Bones Ghost!





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Finishing up this batch with Dragoth. I had a lot of fun painting this one up. I have the older original version I am doing up in a similar but rusted and decrepit style. Then when the players foolishly release him from his prison, he will arrive in full fury! Mwahahaha. Ahem.




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