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Who made the Fire Giant [?] ...the one where you did a swap to fix the miscast hand?

It's a Reaper, its the Nephal Shadow Demon Prince, I think is the name. The flame effect was from a Malifaux pack, I believe.



They look great!


You're colourblind you say?


If you don't  mind me asking? What colours do you see then?

I ask because these are painted great and I 'm just wondering how you see these then?

I have a hard time with...similar colors. Blue and purple. Red and brown. Orange and Pink. I can usually narrow it down to a color or two. I have almost the complete set of Reaper paints, which are very handily labeled, otherwise I'd be doomed. My biggest problem is mixing colors, as if I am not very very precise, I rarely get the same color twice. Ha! A lot of my minis seem a little drab, as the high highlights required for depth and life rarely look good to my broken eyes. I try it on a few things, but I am never happy with the results. Also, thanks!


Thanks everyone! More to come...I am looking to get a camera and set up a light box for better pics. Hmm.

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Well somebody's been busy!

Great stuff! Liking your backgrounds in the photos too!

Good to see you posting man! ::):

Thanks, man! The background was a ruin set thing I got from Hirst Arts, and made a little terrain set of, my first attempt. It...well, kind of sucks, but it gets the job done, haha. 

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