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2016 Spring Exchange - Chatter Thread


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finished painting one of the exchange minis, and started on its base.  I would have finished it today, but minispawn decided not to sleep.

I lose my most valuable hobby time when she does that. 

also I came up with a wild hair overnight, and sculpted a tree.  Once I had imagined a tree, it just wasn't going to look right with out it. 

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Two weeks left to finish and mail out miniatures.  Hopefully we'll start to see some arriving pretty soon.

Please post in the official thread when you mail out a miniature or receive one, and please post pictures here for everyone to ooh and aah over.

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I received this awesome paint of 77151 - Darkrasp from edz16, along with the materials to put together a scenic base if I so choose. I really love the coloring of the robes!




Thanks heaps!


My mini is in the final stage - basing. This base is slightly bigger than my normal bases, but I should be done on time.

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