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2016 Spring Exchange - Chatter Thread


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Nothing wrong with sending it early. I sent my Fall exchange out after about two weeks.




This chatter thread isn't very chatty, which means it's time for.... spoilers! Same warning as last time.



I'm trying to paint sheer white hose/stockings for the first time. From my image search it appears that they are less a solid white and more a lighter version of skin color. I've started blocking out the colors and taken the stretchiest portions up to a 50:50 mix of skintone + white. It's not done, but is it reading OK? One of those general rules is to never bring sheer to full skin, but I still have room for another intermediate shade if needed.


attachicon.gifCheongsam 3.jpgattachicon.gifCheongsam 4.jpg




ERMAGERD!! That hair is amazing! O.O



Sadly, the hair still needs some touch-ups. At this point I feel like she is maybe half done. :upside:

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I started to sculpt an accessory for my base, but machining a big chunk of milliput creates too much really fine lightweight dust.  Mask aside, I'm not wanting to disperse it throughout my paint room (aka bedroom).  It is supposed to be 69 outside tomorrow afternoon so maybe I'll just wait to proceed...

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I've managed to get my BIG non-painting project mostly out of the way, so tonight I plan to go through my minis to find something appropriate. I have an idea, but it will depend very much on finding the right mini to fit, so I'm not settled on anything yet.

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My art life got slightly sidetracked by work the last couple weeks and then by making a kigu this week (kigus are those animal pajamas, I want to be comfortable at home after my other wisdom teeth get removed, okay! Don't judge!  :lol:), but I've been slowly adding layers of GS to my mini's... familiar. Yeah. It's totally a familiar, just a different universe. 


I feel really silly now - I've wanted to post my WIP photos here and was wondering how Auberon was doing it until I completely reread the disclaimer. It's at your own risk! So I'll be putting up the same disclaimer in a bit. It was up to me if I wanted to contact the recipient, so I believe I'm okay to post in spoiler tags here.


My clothing and hand creations are done, and I'll be priming her today. I know I said I was done 3 weeks ago, but I kept redoing the hand, heh. 

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I see no need to edit a perfectly good disclaimer, so here you are! ^_^

Those of you that have participated in these exchanges in the past know that I like to post things in spoilers.  Now that I've started painted it's time for the usual disclaimer.
It may be that I am your partner, though I'm probably not, but just in case you don't want to ruin the surprise don't open the spoiler.  It is of course possible that my partner already knows who I am and none of this spoiler business matters, in which case I'm just having fun messing with those of you who don't know, you know.  But maybe not.  Just to be sure, don't open the spoiler.  Unless you don't care.  In which case go right ahead.  :devil:

Of course, if anyone does reply please use the tags as well.


Spoiler of spam text because apparently spoilers aren't a thing under the new content area!  :blink:



Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoilers of milk spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoilers of cars spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler




This spoiler contains a hint you can read if you think I have your name.



This is your last chance to turn back! If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, then carry on...




THE REAL SPOILER. (Is that even a word anymore?)



Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em allllll! :wub: I was over the moon to see Pokemon listed under this person's interests! 

I started with Sugar, Anime Heroine, by Bob Ridolfi, who became....



... A Pokemon trainer on her way to be the best Pokemon master!!!



I had no idea that conversions and sculpting took so much work!!  :wow:


This girl seriously needed her midriff covered if she was going to be running around the world all day, so I added that. The sculpt was pretty accurate - she had the square piece of fabric around the back of her neck, so I had to grind it down. Getting it level with the rest of her body with green stuff also solved her broken back syndrome. Super stylized characters can be fun, but I wanted to make it a bit more realistic. With Pokemon, she says. heh.


I decided a small travel bag would be handy for any Pokemon trainer, and it made the top of the skirt work as the bag's strap, as well as a belt for her snazzy new tunic. The skirt was hella short, so I imagine she got some shorts under there, and the leggings seemed fun. Lots of Pokemon trainers have bicycle shorts or leggings!


The hand took FOREVER. I watched a couple hand videos that were recommended by canuckotter, so that helped immensely. I'm mostly satisfied with the shape, but not the surface - it's so teeny that I couldn't use the normal shapers to smooth it out. When I tried using the flat side of a dental pick, I had the same problem that I had while sculpting - the green stuff would "pull" away, so it's like I have a million teeny spikes on the fingers.


But that's progress! Priming and painting is next! The bonus familiar of course, is her Pokemon. ::):




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Not sure if this needs a spoiler, but why not?


That mod looks fantastic, and you picked a super figure to start with. 


Were you lubing your tools with vaseline or anything?  That's the advice I've been seeing for getting smooth results.  I've also seen where metal tools can be polished with fine grit sandpaper and/or metal polish if they aren't perfectly smooth, which is also supposed to keep them from snagging the green stuff.  I haven't tried the latter trick, yet.



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