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I am inclined to agree.


It just struck me as weird. I used to watch every Superman show ever made, and kryptonite was THERE, but it was never as EVERYWHERE as it seems to be for Supergirl. Jeez, how's she supposed to be a hero when every Tom, Dick, and Zod has a shiny green nugget up his sleeve?


Kryptonite is supposed to be kinda rare.


It's like everyone has a big valuable diamond in his pocket...


So no, it kills the storyline for me if everyone can get his/her hands on kryptonite.


Very much this. Kryptonite is supposed to be not only rare but incredibly valuable due to not only the rarity, but the simple fact that everyone on the planet, including Superman's allies, see value in the ability to keep the most powerful man on the planet at arms length. If everyone has access to it the Kryptonians are not powerful at all.

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