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Tesseract Dice (D6 and polyhedral Science Dice)

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About this project

My name is David Franklin. I am an inventor, an artist, a dreamer and a friend to all.

Kickstarter and I have a lot in common. We all have a great love of science and games, and Kickstarter was a great way to share my love with the world. I was originally inspired to create the "Tesseract Dice", my first Kickstarter project, which featured dice shaped like a Tesseract (a 4 Dimensional cube) painted to resemble scientific phenomena.


After a succesful campaign, raising over 10x the original amount, it was requested of me to launch another campaign with polyhedral dice like d20's, d12's and d4's.  So here we are! Back with new dice, as well as the originals, this time 3D printed in a powder printer, making them stronger and heavier.


We also are back with Polyhedral dice- but you will notice they are not shaped like tesseracts nor are they shaped like the traditional polyhedral dice. This is for 2 reasons. 

1) Standard d20's and other shapes are patented. I didn't know you could lay claim to geometric shapes, but so be it... and

2) Where is the fun in the normal? In Role Playing and other games, we seek to thinkoutside the box, to adventure and to exploreScience is not much different. Therefore, all of the dice borrow a hybrid dice / dreidel shape that allows them to be rolled or spun for maximum damage. Outside of that, they are modeled to represent their individual phenomena or inventors.

Original Series (D6):

ee2a8b7b37ddd42d2031e90f995a01a8_originaOriginal D6 Tesseract Dice, each styled after their respective scientific phenomena

Polyhedral - Phenomena Series:

All of these paint styles are from the original Tesseract Dice campaign, but have been re-imagined to fit the different styles of dice!


The Inventor Series:

Not only is invention and their inventors close to my heart, but they were one of the most popular styles in the last campaign (Tesla Coil / Edison Bulb) so I was inspired to expand the Inventor Series! 


If you want to read more about the science and inspiration for these dice, keep scrolling until you see the chemistry beaker!

If you want to see even more footage of the dice - look no further!

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Without considering the fact that you can't patent right-regular polyhedra per se, US patent duration is 20 years from filing or 17 years from issue and d20s have been around rather longer than 20 years. (As have dice based on the other Platonic solids.) It might be possible to patent some specific variation of an icosahedron with numbers, but the obvious choices are open for anyone.


Pretty dice, though, if a bit impractical.

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