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DnD 5th edition 9th level adventure pack

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About this project

For those that are familiar, here's the essentials of this project: Here is the lead adventure: see KS for link

6 9th level Dimgaard adventures.  It is two three adventure story arcs.  The Cult and Order Adventure Arc explores the complex relationships of the religious entities in Dimgaard, and Resolving the Question series has the PCs addressing the issue of slavery.  The blurbs are below.

A gallery of 6 9th level encounters (cave bears, brigands, jackalwere, snakes, wererats, and religious zealots).

A set of creature templates that can be applied to creatures to modify them in expected ways (brutish, dervish, fate spinner, ghost, half-devil, shielded, wererat, and zombie).

You can get a good idea of the campaign from my campaign guide: see KS for link

Stretch Goal #1: $500  In response to popular demand...  I have the next episode in the Drow Conspiracy written (DC13 The Drow Citadel), but I won't be running it until the 21st with the intention of including it in a March offering.  However, I'll add this as the first stretch goal.

Stretch Goal #2: $700  I'm adding to the Dimgaard Campaign Guide.  In particular, I'm add several downtime options in anticipation of a campaign I will run once the Drow Conspiracy is complete.  At $700, I'll publish these updates immediately.

Stretch Goal #3: $900  I have engaged in several in depth discussions with other DMs and authors about the difficulty of building a sandbox style environment (rather than a linear adventure) and still meeting the Adventure Day expectations of 5th edition.  At $900, I'll redo the Alshon Region Campaign Guide as a sandbox style adventure for tier 1 PCs and include it.  (For supporters who have previously bought this product, it will automatically update on DriveThruRpg.com.)

Stretch Goal #4: $1,100 The expected way to build custom NPCs to challenge PCs is to take a creature from the MM that closely resembles what the DM is trying to achieve, and then alter it by adding, modifying, and dropping the traits it has in its statblock until it is doing the things the DM needs it to do.  A common way of creating custom NPCs in 3.5 & 4th was to build an NPC using the same process as a PC and there were guidelines that correlated as to how that would translate into a CR of a creature.  But that isn't the expected method in 5th and calculating CR is more complex.  Still, many, many DMs want to do it and have the villain level with the PCs.  There is a methodology for it described under the rules, so I've done it with a cleric of the death domain: Synth Grimsbane.  He will be the villain in the campaign I'm planning to follow the Drow Conspiracy.  I have Synth Grimsbane leveled from 1st level to 20th in a product I will include at $1,100.

You can follow me on twitter: @DimgaardDan or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/354352748069594/

Product blurbs:

DG36 Fiends and Cudgels:The emergence of the Order of Asmodeus as an accepted part of the One True Faith is intolerable to some sects of the religion. When radical changes are proposed to a religion, fundamentalist segments can react so strongly that, if the situation isn’t handled well, it can be a catastrophe. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode one of the Cults and Orders Adventure Arc.

DG37 The Tomes of OrcusThe Cult of Orcus was driven from Odill but it was not completely annihilated. Rumors are circulating now that remnants of the cult are poised for a gambit to reclaim Odill for their cause. What forces, if any, will ally with the discredited cult are unknown. Can heroes of sufficient quality be found to prevent the pending disaster? A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode two of the Cults and Orders Adventure Arc.

DG38 The Spell Thief: Rivalries have emerged as the various orders within the One True Faith vie for power and influence. Most Orders try to maintain relationships with at least a few cults outside the One True Faith that have aligned interests. Some even secretly affiliate with gnomes or other races suspected of threatening the One True Faith’s status. Sometimes these rivalries and affiliations give rise to situations where only great heroes can prevent a sectarian war. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode three of the Cults and Orders Adventure Arc.

DG39 Agitation: There is no issue more pressing and important to Odill than the status of slaves. Various reformers have campaigned with various levels of aggressiveness on the cause. Word comes that one of the most influential individuals on the matter is coming to Odill – presumably intent on addressing slavery in Odill. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode One of Resolving the Question.

DG40 Retribution:  A large slave caravan with “cargo†collected from the Cheyna villages to the north of Odill is approaching its destination. The unfortunate victims will be sold in Odill’s slave auctions. But news arrives that the Cheynas have risen in opposition to the generations of plundering by Odill’s slavers. The entire region could be on the verge of war. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode 2 of Resolving the Question.

DG41 Ultimatum: The victims of Odill's slave trade have allied and raised an army. As they approach Odill there is a brief opportunity for decisive action to avoid a prolonged, bloody war likely to bring misery and devastation to a large swath of Dimgaard. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure for 1-8 ninth level characters. Episode 3 of Resolving the Question.

DGS17 Encounter Gallery VIII Sometimes a hero needs something special to challenge her. Presented here are exceptional challenges for 9th level PCs. A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th editions supplement to the Dimgaard Campaign for 1-8 9th level characters.

GLD1 Creature Templates I: Sometimes a DM wants to put a twist on an existing creature – a ghost wolf, or half-devil thug. Here are eight templates a DM can apply to other creatures without changing the underlying creature’s CR. Presented are creature templates for brutish, dervish, fate spinner, ghost, half-devil, shielded, wererat, and zombie.

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