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02635 - Winged Tiger (sans wings)

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I find it funny, as I've gotten two of the Winged Tigers to stand in for tigers -- in both cases saving the wings for my bits box.  (Similarly, Silverhorn in the Bones line has ended up being my "Bones riding horse" model of choice, sans the horn.)


I like how you made the stripes work out.  If I saw this, I would have just assumed that it was a photo with really dim lighting, hence why the orange seems to be darkened to something resembling red.  ;)  I confess that I'd never heard of "Payne's Grey" before, and now I'm interested.  (Time for a visit to Wikipedia, to educate myself!)

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    • By alchemist
      These are from a kickstarter that ran a while back.

    • By Glitterwolf
      The Female Leaders from my Horde from the North.
      Female Shaman from Shadowforge.
      Familiar is a Reaper Pinguin
      Barbarian Hero Is from Target Games/Chronophia with a Ral Partha Sabretooth tiger I believe.
      Not sure about the tiger..
      And a Barbarian Female Hero with Black Panther from grenadier
      Linked because, well...nudity...
    • By Pingo
      This is Jason Wiebe's sabertooth tiger, Reaper 02480.  I painted it up with a lynx's coloration.  WIP thread here.
      As a note, this is another form of the feline therianthrope also depicted here.  So this is another PC for that idiosyncratic game of World of Darkness-Exalted I'm involved in.




      And that skull under the critter is small.

      (with 59037 Deadlands Noir Femme Fatale by Bob Ridolfi for scale)
    • By FirstLevelFighter
      This is the wise and brave street urchin, Parilli, the Shining Company's ertwhile guide in the city of Tephu in the Pathfinder Mummy's Mask Adventure Path.
      This is my second Bones mini, and I'm a convert. Speaking of conversion, Bones make weapon swaps and mods super easy. I removed his blade and drilled a hole through his hand, cut the studs off his armor, filed his fuzzy feet smooth, and based him with green stuff and sand. After sealing him, I added an actual twig as a camel stick/wooden sword he uses to emulate his hero, Zekir Safakin, the Sword of the Dawn, paladin of Sarenrae. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the sculpt and the limited palette, and had a good time with the stripes.
      His WIP is here. Please share any comments and/or constructive criticism.

    • By Pingo
      This is Reaper's 02480, Sabertooth Tiger, sculpted by Jason Wiebe. It's a nice muscular rendition of the Ice Age critter.
      This is my standard priming, with a thin coat of Titanium White paint (Golden matte fluid acrylic) and a wash of Burnt Umber afterwards.


      It reminds me of a lynx in general aspect, so I plan to paint it with more or less a lynx's coloration.
      The first thing I did was paint a sickly green, mixed from Yellow Ochre and Carbon Blck, over the base.  I like to paint thinly enough so underlayers show through, to make things look more realistic.  This works well for fur too.


      ... I couldn't help but notice that that skull underneath the creature is mighty small.  Like, child sized.

      Next:  Fur!
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