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MANOS Returns


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About this project


Produced by Jackey Neyman Jones, who played little Debbie in the B-movie classic "MANOS: The Hands of Fate," MANOS Returns is a tongue-in-cheek return to Valley Lodge. It follows a group of young would-be filmmakers who learn their favorite movie, “MANOS: The Hands of Fate,†is based on a true story. They set out to visit the site of the events that inspired the original and of course they find more than they bargained for.

Thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000, MANOS has become a pop culture phenomenon, gaining more and more fans as time goes on. We think it’s high time we found out what became of everyone at Valley Lodge, so we want to film MANOS Returns this summer, release it on DVD and have it ready to screen in time for MANOS’s 50th anniversary, November 15th, 2016.


MANOS Returns will feature many of the characters from the original MANOS, but the tone is much lighter. Our writer had the inspiration that going in an almost camp-y direction, making the movie both horror and comedy, would be the best way to both honor the original and embrace all the reasons why people are still fascinated by it today. MANOS Returns is a sequel, yes, but one set in the not too distant past. Think of MANOS Returns as the irreverent grandkid of the original MANOS.

MANOS Returns is coming from a place of affection and respect…..respect for what Hal Warren was trying to do, respect for the other people involved, and respect for the fans who love MANOS for all the reasons that it’s bad. The pure number of MANOS inspired projects, both attempted and successful, points to a need for this to happen. Clearly there’s something there people can’t leave alone.


We’ve already cultivated a great support network for this project, but making a good movie takes money, there’s no way around that. Rental fees for equipment and locations, insurance, travel expenses, craft services and of course we’d love to be able to pay our cast and crew for their time…..it all adds up. This is where you come in.

We're asking for your help to get the whole MANOS family back to Valley Lodge. For $24,000 (our base Kickstarter goal), in addition to the people already willing to help us with their time and resources, we can make a bare bones version of MANOS Returns. And for $55,000, we can make the sequel of our dreams, the movie we envisioned when we started talking about this project.

None of the original cast or crew got paid for their involvement in “MANOS: The Hands of Fate.†One of our secondary goals with MANOS Returns is to involve as many members of the original production as we can, and pay them this time. Jackey Neyman Jones (little Debbie), Diane Mahree (long-suffering wife Maggie), Nicki Mathis (the original vocalist on the MANOS soundtrack) and of course, The Master himself, Tom Neyman…..we think they deserve to get something more than notoriety for their place in bad cinema history. And we need your help to make that happen.


10% of the funding from this campaign will go to Kickstarter fees.

10% to Pre-Production

40% to Production

20% to Post-Production

20% to Reward Fulfillment


We are a small but mighty team of experienced indie filmmakers, producers and independent artists:

  • Jackey Neyman Jones (producer, lead actor) - Her dad was The Master and she was little Debbie in "Manos: The Hands of Fate.†Jackey is now the only surviving cast or crew member willing to talk about the experience of being in the Worst Movie Ever. Jackey lives in the Great Northwest as a professional artist and is the author of "Growing Up With Manos: The Hands of Fate" to be released in March 2016. Jackey has been a special guest at numerous events like The El Paso Classic Film Festival, Hollywood Independent Film Festival, and Seattle’s Crypticon and has appeared in several film and theatrical projects.
  • Tonjia Atomic (director, co-producer) - "There are women working in horror that are so talented it blows my mind. Tonjia Atomic is one of those women." - Jen and Sylvia Soska. Tonjia is an award-winning filmmaker, actress, musician, jeweler, and freelance writer. Her films range from the dark and disturbing to the light and comedic. She is best known for the films "Plain Devil," "Hobo with a Trash Can," and "Walking to Linas." Her writing has been featured in several online and print magazines. She's in the bands Duet To-It, Huh-Uh, and Filthy Issue. Her music has been featured in several films including "Bikini Gorilla" and "Scarewaves."
  • Steve Foley (writer/editor, co-producer) - Steve, owner of Foley Video Productions, Inc. based in Tallahassee, FL, spent 17 years in broadcast television production before starting his own company in 1995. His recent film-related projects include post and effects on several short films and he is currently putting the finishing touches on a low budget horror anthology feature. In addition, Steve is working with the stars of cult film "Alien Factor" to produce DVD extras for the upcoming BluRay release.
  • Joe Sherlock (Director of Photography, co-producer) - Joe is an award-winning filmmaker and a veteran of over 30 feature and anthology films. Joe’s extensive body of work includes "Drifter," "Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires" and "Twisted Fates," which have been screened across North America. His work as director of photography includes "Dead Ink," "The Evilmaker" and "Platoon of the Dead." Cult movie expert Joe Bob Briggs comments, "Drive-In Academy Award nominations for Joe Sherlock, the writer/director/composer/editor, for doing things the drive-in way."
  • Also on board are cult-movie favorite George Stover ("Female Trouble," "Alien Factor") musician Cory Fujimori and puppeteer Rachel Jackson of "MANOS - The Hands of Felt."


The MANOS Returns team developed very organically. Joe put Jackey and Steve together on a project. Steve said he’d love to take a crack at writing a proper MANOS sequel. Joe and Steve had both worked with Tonjia before and felt her camp/horror background was a perfect fit. Jackey looked around at a BBQ and saw her dad talking with Bryan Jennings, the son of the Sheriff in the original, and realized this was the time to do this project and these were the right people.

The right group of talented people just fell together. We say it’s the will of MANOS and we’re kind of kidding, but we’re also kind of not. It's very strange how MANOS makes things happen, but we know enough by now to just go with it.

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That could get nasty. I understand the script of the original is copyrighted, so while the original film is considered i PD, derivative works using the characters from the script? Joe Warren might actually have an IP claim against that.

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