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Mausoleum (Updated 2/7/16)

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So, I have shots of this in my Silverhex scenery thread, but it's kind of become its own beast.

I've never worked with foam board before, but loved what I was seeing done on this forum and figured I could try my hand at it.  In the first encounter of the Silverhex Chronicles, there are two mausoleums (in addition to graves and such).  I figured those could be my first two foam board efforts.

At this point, I have the first mausoleum put together and am now working on painting and then a roof.  Figured I'd include some of the WIP shots that got me to this point.

For the second, I have the walls cut out and the piece I'll be using to make a dome.  I'll be showing those later once I actually have something worth showing.

Hope you enjoy my first foray into foam!  Comments, critiques, and compliments are always welcome  :=)







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Progress!!  The first mausoleum is just about finished.  Just some more work needed on the details of the wood grain (do washes work on foam board?) and still need to make a roof.  Of course, now that we've finished some cereal, I have the thin cardboard for it  :=)

I also included a couple shots for the second mausoleum.  At the moment, it's kind of just a big shoebox with double doors.  Therefore, I included a second shot giving a bit more of the feel of where it's going.  There will be a "porch" with round columns (which I'm making with Sculpey) and then there is a dome with a spire for the top.  Of course, when I thought about what is dome-shaped and has a nice opening for something spire-like to come up, the first idea that popped up was a lid from a Starbucks Frappuccino.  Yep, good excuse for blended coffee :=)






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