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Got my Wave 1 of MERCS: Recon last week.  Wave 1 consists of the two versions of the game: Counter Threat, which has the CCC and EU as the MERCS, and Assassination Protocol, which has the KemVar and Keizai Waza.   Each faction consists of 5 MERCS, and each box also comes with 10 SecFor (Security Forces): 5 SecForII with Shotguns and 5 SecForIII with machine guns.  The sculpts for these are all the same in a box, but the sculpts are different between boxes, so you end up with 2 different sculpts of each time 5.

Wave two will include all sorts of KS exclusive figs as well as a whole mess of faction boxes for all the other factions in the MERCS universe.  From the posts I've seen today they have just hit the water from China.


While the SecFor figs are cool and will get painted, they aren't needed to play the game.  The box comes with tokens for each of the SecFor so you can just use those to begin with.  But they don't provide tokens for the MERCS, so need to get at least one set of them done so I can play (yeah, I could make print off standies or something to start, but nah....)


I decided to start with the EU, just because they looked like they could all be fully assembled before painting without being too annoying to paint.


So far, I've got 3 assembled.




From left to right they are the Medic, the Sergeant and the Leader.


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Got my Wave 1 of MERCS: Recon last week.  Wave 1 consists of the two versions of the game: Counter Threat, which has the CCC and EU as the MERCS, and Assassination Protocol, which has the KemVar and K

Paint!       Got them washed and primed on the weekend, and loaded up my work paint box with some appropriate colours. More or less following the standard colour scheme for EU. Just shadow c

Well, it took two more days to finish the SecFor IV.  Not because of the flash, but because they really done want to keep the gun arm's shoulder in its socket. I noticed yesterday that the first guy'

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*** Low eerie whispering voice***



Neeexxxxttt weeeeeeeeekkkk.......


We're having work done on the house and my work area at home is currently packed with furniture, so I'm doing prep and assembly at work, then taking them home to wash and prime (think they may get upset if I start spray priming here in my cubicle.....).  Then I'll bring them back in to paint.

So I'll get them primed over the weekend and hopefully figure out the paint scheme. Looks like the EU are usually blues and grays.

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More assembly!




Left to right they are the EU Analyst (that is some sort of spike for interfacing into systems I believe, not his finger....), the EU Shock trooper and, because I had some time left, the KemVar Shock trooper, the only one piece MERC out of the 20 figures.  Strangely she is a way more bendy plastic than all the other ones I've assembled so far.  As bendy as Bones I'd say.



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Got a couple more KemVar assembled today.




On the left is the Engineer and on the right the Leader.


Both were a little stubborn  about getting the arms to set up in place so I only got the two done.

We'll see if that sword stays in place or if I have to go back and pin it....



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Got them washed and primed on the weekend, and loaded up my work paint box with some appropriate colours.

More or less following the standard colour scheme for EU.

Just shadow colours so far, and the lighter gray areas are just the primer.  They will stay a lighter gray though.


The Sergeant got the colour treatment since I realized I only had 15 minutes left and had only got three of them done with the Noir Black.  I waned to see how it would look roughed in.  Alright I think.


We'll see if I get to paint much this week...there is a blizzard supposed to roll in later today. Between that and appointments there may not be many lunches for painting, and my paint table is still surrounded by furniture at home due to renos....





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Managed to get in and do some painting today at lunch.  I'll be happy when the work on the house is done and things settle down.




Finished up the initial base coats with the shadow colours.  well, except for the light gray bits, they are still primer.


Tomorrow I'm off to take the kid to a hockey tournament, and Monday is a holiday up here now, so likely won't get another update in until Tuesday....



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Back from the tournament (they went 1-2 in the first round, so didn't make the semis...).

Decided I might as well try to get the 4 eyes in this squad taken care of (the rest all have visors).




The Sergeant I think looks better in real life.  I didn't get a good angle on him.

The Leader I think looks better in the picture.  ::):


Faces are done, and I did another coat on the blue, and touched up the black around the faces.

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Skipped yesterday.  Figured it wasn't worth trying to paint with a headache...stupid on call.


Today was all about figuring out the grays.




I started on the legs.  They are now pretty much done except for the blue and a few touch ups

The upper body has has had the lighter gray base coated  and washed.


So the dark gray is a noir black base with the dark elf skin triad.

The lighter gray is a roughly 1"1 mix of rainy gray and gray liner, then a AP Warpaints Dark Tone ink(wash), then the base colour again, and some straight rainy gray for highlights.


Another day will hopefully get the Sergeant pretty close to done.


The bases I'm going to keep simple for now, in noir black .  I'm thinking about doing the 4 quadrants on the the edges in the squad accent colours (so blue and yellow for these guys) but I'm worried that might be too bright and distracting from the figure.....



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      So with that in mind, he was painted with a thin layer of primer through the airbrush, a slightly thinned basecoat, and then a few washes.  I.e. the point is to show off how much detail the printer can do, how visible the layer lines are, etc, not how well I can (or can't) paint. He is a 32mm scale dwarf, which means he is a little taller than a Reaper dwarf, but not quite as tall as a Reaper human.

      The very bottom of this gauntlet pancaked, but you can only really see it if he is upside down.

      Yup, that's a hair support.  The presupport was at too low of an angle so it bonded to the figure.

      Btw, those eyes are tiny. His right eye is really bad because the arm blocks coming in from below, the sculpted bushy eyebrow makes any high angle impossible, and he has a big nose.  Jab straight in and hit where you aim!  In fact, they are so small that I can't even tell I painted them at arm's length.  If you skipped them to get him on the table no one would notice.

      And there you have it, my first [painted] 3D print.
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