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Jasper's MERCS:Recon WIP

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Alrighty.  I think the Sergeant is done, except for finishing up the base.


post-8239-0-70253100-1455903997.jpg  post-8239-0-45078300-1455903999.jpg  post-8239-0-25147200-1455904000.jpg


Thoughts on the base.  Too distracting or all right?  

It needs another layer or 3 but so far I don't think it looks bad....


Hmm, looking at the calendar I guess I'd better get the other 4 done soon, if I'm going to make the end of the month.


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Back to the other 4 today.




Based the lighter grey on them all and did a dark wash on it.


Think I'm going to have to finish these guys up on the weekend to get them done by the end of Feb, just not enough days left.

Still see how far I can get by end of lunch Thursday (Friday is a write off due to a work event).


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Kudos on assembling this. I was so upset at the lack of quality in the figs I can't even assemble them without getting thoroughly upset. If they hadn't delayed it to supposedly ensure the quality of the figs it wouldn't have been so bad.

Anyway.. what sort of primer did you use? It looks like you're having to do a few coats to get your base colors down.

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Kudos on assembling this. I was so upset at the lack of quality in the figs I can't even assemble them without getting thoroughly upset. If they hadn't delayed it to supposedly ensure the quality of the figs it wouldn't have been so bad.

Anyway.. what sort of primer did you use? It looks like you're having to do a few coats to get your base colors down.


I haven't really noticed a problem with the quality, but I don't have any of MCG's metal figs to compare them to, but there seems to be decent detail on them, as good or better than most Bones figures.  A few guns are a touch thin. Poor Secfor girl doesn't have much of a nose. Flash is bad on some, but that is down to the manufacturer being careless during the molding process.

They aren't as detailed as say, the resin cast Infamy figures, but then I'm kind of scared to start painting those because the detail is insane.


And the delay was minor to me, but then I'm still waiting on G&G battleboards, and Wave 2 of Robotech, so until delays are measured in years it doesn't really concern me.


Primer was just a gray krylon primer.  Nothing special.  Only colour that's having a coverage issue is the yellow, and that because I was slack and didn't put down a better basecoat for yellow under it.  Some Oiled Leather or even Palomino Gold would likely have helped the yellow along, especially as I'd already thinned the yellow a far bit...

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So, yeah, got sick. Blah.


Back at work today and did the light grays.




The highlight colour was a bit stubborn today so I'll likely need to touch it up a bit.


Blues and Yellows left to do, plus metallics for the weapons and finishing up the faces.


Hopefully will get my painting table cleaned up tonight and maybe get some done at home.


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Haven't gotten geared up to paint anything new yet (dwarves for our next D&D campaign need cleaning and such, but will be along soon) so tried to finish up assembling KemVar.  Flash and mold lines took a bit longer than expected, so I'll get the weapons on the Heavy another day. Assassin is ready to go though.




Need to find some KemVar pictures...looks like olives, browns, grays maybe?



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More assembly.




Finished up the KemVar Heavy.  Both guns, the belts and the backpack bottom piece the belts attach to are all one piece.  Sometimes bendy plastic is good.  I really like this fig.


Decided I'd start assembling the CCC next.




This is the Demo.  Nice pose but going to be a pain the paint in behind the gun.  Could have left the gun arm off until I painted him but that might be a while and this way I can play the CCC (once I get the rest assembled).  I think "ease of painting" will be losing out to "I want to play" for the remaining figures....



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Haven't done any MERCs in a while but got my wave 2 box the other week and have been thinking about it a lot since.  Finished up the fig I was painting today at lunch and still had about a half hour, so I grabbed a bag of SecFor II and a bag of SecFor III and got to gluing....




The SecFor IIs are in the back.  Level 2 Security Forces have shotguns. These are single piece figures.  the detail is a little soft on them, particularly on the face, but mine all seem to have a bit of nose at least....


SecFor III are in the front, with machine guns.  These guys are in 4 pieces, with head, left arm, and right arm with gun separate pieces. They pegs and sockets  for these are really nice fitting so they were easy to put together.


I'll probably put together all my SecFor figs (I have another bag of 5 of each of II and III from the main boxes, and then a significant number more from Wave 2, including a bunch of SecFor I (with pistols) and a few SecFor IV (nasty, about as tough as a MERC)).  Then work out a colour scheme for them all.


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